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Network Support and Maintenance Services

Extended warranty, infrastructure services, hardware maintenance, it doesn’t matter what you call it, but without it your IT infrastructure is not likely to perform optimally.

Few companies can afford to regularly replace their core servers, storage and networking equipment and, in these dynamic times, preserving cash by getting more out of your existing investments seems like a prudent approach.

If you could further reduce the costs of your infrastructure by designing a support plan that reflects the criticality of each device, why wouldn’t you?

FUEL Your Foundation

From servers, to storage and network infrastructure, Interactive can deliver a tailored approach to ensuring your core infrastructure is ready. From audit, network design, implementation, maintenance and support through to the secure decommission and destruction of old equipment we can help you at every stage of the lifecycle.

FUEL Your Fleet

If you have a mixture of vendors in your infrastructure it can be frustrating dealing with multiple service desks, response times and SLAs. Choose a single supplier for all your infrastructure services needs and get the benefit of faster response, parts on hand and one helpdesk to support all your brands and vendor equipment – regardless of the stage in its lifecycle.

FUEL Your Performance

You may have your core infrastructure under control but are still under constant pressure to utilise your IT environment to grow your business. Stop paying for expensive vendor warranties and save your team’s time which is better used on upskilling to drive innovation and customer experience for tangible business outcomes.

Why Choose Interactive?

Hardware maintenance is a core part of our heritage with over 30 years of experience in the space. But we’ve never stopped evolving our expertise, meaning today’s support is one of the only partners who can truly deliver a fully customised end-to-end solution for your all things in your digital ecosystem.


Applying our technical and commercial capabilities we can assess your existing model and identify and how best to transform the support for your entire IT environment, network to hardware. Harnessing over 33 years of experience we can identify where and how you can drive cost efficiencies, without compromising the level of coverage you require for your infrastructure.


We craft a vendor consolidation plan to deliver on your business needs, building an approach that maps every component of your infrastructure for improved performance, reliability, or reduced cost. Regardless of your industry, existing manufacturer contracts or various branch locations we can define a fit for purpose solution tailored to you – reducing risk and fueling your success.


The transition is completely seamless with little to no heavy lifting required from your side, we populate the database with every piece of equipment and include call management free of charge to ensure the ultimate customer experience.


With 100% parts at the ready, dedicated engineers, and best-in-class response times we maximum your equipment’s operational life, minimising any down time to keep your fleet running.

Our team has a deep technical expertise and extensive certifications (240+) enabling us to provide an unparalleled level of support and maintenance for your business IT infrastructure.


With our Australian based customer service centre, more than 130 certified field engineers nationally and our premium SLAs delivering 24x7x2 hour onsite support, our customers receive a dedicated account experience second to none. This support also goes beyond when an OEM decides a device will become EOL; with Interactive your business doesn’t need to replace hardware that is still fit for purpose. We can continue to support you beyond the vendor EOSL date.


Once your business determines a device has reached the end of its useful life, but still contains sensitive, or confidential information we can ensure the safe and secure destruction and disposal of the asset. Eliminate any risk of your data ending up in the wrong place, with an environmentally safe disposal.

We are your Cisco experts

Partnering with Interactive for network support and maintenance can take your Cisco infrastructure from a ‘cost-line’ to a strategic enabler for growth and innovation.

A Multi-Vendor TPM Expert

Interactive provides maintenance coverage for a wide range of vendors beyond 'bread and butter' brand names. We are committed to providing the best support to your business, without any vendor bias, can co-term any agreement and help manage all contracts for you.

Vendor Autonomy

We care about providing you the best possible maintenance support – not about which vendor your network is built upon. We know that networks are built over time and it can be difficult to manage multiple vendor contracts and we can help!

At Interactive, we are the single point of contact for all your maintenance needs – no matter the vendor.

Flexible Coverage and SLAs

Most manufacturers have their set contracts available for a set time with inflexible SLAs. At Interactive, we help create a custom support strategy for all customers to ensure they have the SLAs and payment terms they need. We also allow for moves, additions, and deletions in the contract with 30 days’ notice. We know your infrastructure needs can change quickly and we are there with you, every step of the way.

Get More out of your Hardware

Is your infrastructure working fine but your OEM telling you to upgrade their equipment by announcing that it has reached end-of-life?

Interactive can assist you in maintaining these devices until you are ready to decommission them. With over 100,000 spare parts on hand across Australia and New Zealand, we can support virtually any device in your infrastructure.

Technology we use to provide comprehensive support for your network

Hardware Maintenance Channel

Deliver your clients full support and savings with our Hardware Maintenance Reseller Channel. We have partnered with Dicker Data in both Australia and New Zealand to provide premium hardware maintenance support to resellers and their customers.

Leveraging Dicker Data’s dedicated channel resources and presales support, we can provide resellers a better service at competitive pricing with the simplicity of an online quoting portal.

Whether you require help putting together a longer post-warranty solution to help your customers extend the value of their existing hardware or providing a short-term support solution to cover your customers while they move to a new hardware platform, we can assist you.

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We keep technology human for these clients, ensuring they're focused on what they do best - no matter which industry, what size or where they are.

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In today’s data-centric environment, EraseIT‘s purpose is even more necessary. End-to-end, they provide quality assurance for the secure and ethical disposal of your retired computer assets in a fully compliant environment. They continue to innovate and develop offerings to meet the needs of a changing regulatory environment.

With ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications, EraseIt is ideally equipped to support data destruction, hardware repurposing and hardware disposal needs. Powered entirely by carbon-neutral energy sources, the facilities are specifically designed to optimise the processing of surplus and end-of-life technology equipment.

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Our Apple Authorised Repair Centre, located in Sydney at our St Leonards facility, is designed to accommodate all types of Apple customers and their respective devices. There is an inviting customer service area, supported by Apple-certified in-house repair technicians.

Our Apple Repair Centre not only builds upon our 33-year track record in service excellence, but also adds to our extensive hardware maintenance capability, and broadens our customer reach. We currently support 300,000 devices across 46,000 sites in Australia and New Zealand.

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