Security Testing and Assurance

Security Testing and Assurance

Our team is with you all the way. Not only do we test your environment, but we follow through with remediation and ongoing management.

If you’re not testing your defences, who is?

Testing and assessment are crucial parts of the mature security lifecycle. No developer should check their own work, and independent, routine vulnerability checks are increasingly becoming standard practice.

We offer a range of different cyber security testing services, such as penetration testing, red team and attack simulation.

Our cyber security assessment solutions

Penetration testing We'll test the security posture of your IT environment, advising you on existing vulnerabilities.
Red team Mimicking the tools and techniques of bad actors, we'll actively seek to breach your defenses or access data.
Attack simulation A variance of Red Team, this method involves a team of defenders and is designed to test specific controls.

Why choose Interactive

  • End-to-end service

    We can do it all. We test, remediate and manage the solution into the future with comprehensive and repeated testing.

  • An objective point of view

    Don’t ‘mark your own work’. With many companies now developing their applications in-house, it’s important to undergo an external cyber assessment.

  • Tailored cyber security assessments

    Don't settle for an off-the-shelf test. Interactive will tailor our approach to your technology and business needs.

Trusted Australia wide by over 2,000 businesses.

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We know our stuff.

Discuss the current security status of your environment today.

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