Aged care

Aged Care

When the wellbeing and safety of residents is top priority, it’s important to have IT that does what it needs to, efficiently and flexibly. Technology must enable Aged Care providers to focus on their core mission of promoting health, dignity, and quality of life.

Empowering Aged Care: The vital role of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services play a crucial role in unlocking capabilities for professional service organisations by providing specialised expertise and support in managing complex IT infrastructures, and mitigating cyber threats.

For many professional service providers, data protection is top of mind. Interactive provides local Cyber Security Operations Centres and Managed Detect Respond solutions, ensuring our team of experts is always available to predict, detect and effectively respond.

Managed IT services provide essential support that enhances the quality of care and ensures the safety and well-being of residents. With Interactive, aged care facilities can access a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Interactive works to optimise the efficiency of administrative tasks, streamline communication among staff and residents, and facilitate the delivery of personalised care.
One of the primary benefits of managed IT services in aged care is the enhancement of communication and collaboration among caregivers, residents, and families.

Through secure messaging platforms, video conferencing tools, and electronic health record systems, managed IT services enable caregivers to share information, coordinate care plans, and communicate with residents' families in real-time.

Why Interactive Anywhere?

Always on

Our 24/7/365 service desk is with you when you need it most – there’s no downtime in health care.

Scalable support

Whether it is private data centres or public cloud, we tailor solutions to suit your data security needs.

Regulatory understanding

Our team has extensive experience navigating complex governance requirements.

Staying connected: Networks in Aged Care

In aged care, where efficiency, communication, and resident wellbeing are critical, managed networks are the backbone of the health care system.

By partnering with Interactive, aged care facilities can ensure consistent access to critical applications and data, enabling caregivers to deliver timely and personalised care to residents. Interactive offers proactive monitoring, troub...

Managing your IT environment with Interactive

We have 8 locations across Australia and New Zealand and over 35 years of experience. We know the importance of aged care, and our always-on service desk and compliant operations allow us to deliver end-to-end managed services to organisation who need 100% systems availability. We are experts at navigating complex governance systems, and our security is unparalleled.

Our Solutions

Aged care requires solutions that are flexible and scalable – and Interactive provides them.


Whether you’re a thirty-bed provider or a multi-state enterprise, we scale IT to match your needs.


Health care requires an always-on approach, and Interactive delivers.


We work with what you already have, bringing it all together, in one place.

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Get in touch with our team

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