Ansvar bolsters risk management with Interactive
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Ansvar bolsters risk management with Interactive

Leading insurance provider Ansvar modernising technology and compliance with Interactive, for enhanced risk management.
Published on
June 12, 2024

Interactive, a leading Australian end to end IT service provider, is supporting Ansvar Insurance Ltd in modernising its technology to suit the growing needs of the business, most importantly in the areas of data protection and regulatory compliance.

Operating in Australia for over sixty years, Ansvar has continually evolved with new technologies to continue providing top-tier insurance and risk management services. As an organisation focused on sectors that handle sensitive information, protecting data is paramount for Ansvar. For these reasons and more, Ansvar found a trusted technology partner in Interactive to enhance its data protection, without compromising uptime.

Santin, IT Manager at Ansvar, “It is our business to understand risk,” said Heather Santin. “As business needs change and new technology comes about, we need to be agile in identifying and adopting these improved platforms – enabling the business to understand and manage risk and gain leverage. Thanks to Interactive, we’re able to provide our customers with peace of mind that we’re well-equipped to meet the high standards and compliance obligations that are expected of us.”

Interactive has been working with Ansvar since 2016. Ansvar’s approach to risk management has been bolstered by Interactive’s full managed services suite. This partnership is underpinned by an alignment of core values and ability to anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes.

Ansvar has experienced significant growth, leading to increased operational demands. To meet these needs, and as part of their modernisation, Ansvar is migrating to a public cloud platform from private cloud, with support from Interactive’s cybersecurity and cloud services. This transition will enhance risk mitigation, scalability, and streamline operations, enabling end users to work more efficiently.

“Ansvar takes a rigorous approach to risk management, and so we find that our goals are aligned, particularly when it comes to ensuring security is at the core of innovation and our modernisation efforts,” said Christopher Thomas, Account Executive, at Interactive. “It is rewarding for us to support Ansvar as it looks to build a robust technology strategy for the future.”

Interactive also facilitated a comprehensive migration to Microsoft 365, enhancing Ansvar’s communication and workflow through Teams, Outlook, and other file-sharing tools. This move has significantly improved collaboration, productivity, security, scalability, and cost savings.

This partnership has streamlined Ansvar’s operations, offering improved scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. The cloud migration and workplace modernisation enables Ansvar to access essential information and applications from anywhere, facilitating remote work and enhancing both customer service and employee experience.

Ansvar was keen to further uplift its cyber security posture. It worked with Interactive to deliver a suite of cyber security awareness training modules and materials for customers and brokers, ensuring all areas of the business remain informed and vigilant. This has heightened employees’ understanding of cyber security and demonstrated how Ansvar champions protection of their data.

“In a rapidly changing technological environment, a solution that’s perfect today, may not be suitable tomorrow,” said Santin. “When we started our work with Interactive, we were looking for a strong partner to future proof Ansvar, and that’s exactly what we found.”

With a reliable and secure network, Ansvar maintains uninterrupted critical information flow, enhancing service quality and simplifying administrative tasks. Interactive’s services empower Ansvar to manage a growing workforce, ensuring seamless communication and service delivery. This partnership allows Ansvar to focus on core business activities, crucial for an insurer dealing with sensitive operations.

To see how Interactive can help you evolve your technology needs, get in touch with our team.

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