Interactive supports illion’s migration to the Public Cloud
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Interactive supports illion’s migration to the Public Cloud

The trusted partnership will enhance illion’s technology capabilities and transform it from the private to public cloud.
Published on
April 15, 2024

Interactive, a leading technology service provider, is building on its partnership with illion, a leading data and analytics company providing information and insights for businesses and consumers, to assist in the migration of their digital technology and security infrastructure to the public cloud.

illion securely stores and analyses the unique data of millions of individuals and commercial entities. Since its inception in Australia in 1887 (when it was formerly known as Dun & Bradstreet), illion has been renowned for its expertise in credit risk management. As one of Australasia’s leading consumer and commercial credit bureaus, illion’s unique data, software, analytics, and risk management solutions form an integral part of the region’s financial ecosystem.

With exemplary service and tailored data and analytics solutions for its clients, illion is leading the market. The agency prides itself on the reliability and dependability of its products and services, and continually invests in product innovation.

Interactive’s partnership with illion started over eight years ago, initially with hardware maintenance support. Since then, Interactive has been by illion’s side as a trusted technology partner through infrastructure changes and digital transformation initiatives. Each time, Interactive has shifted its scope to best achieve illion’s goals and objectives.

illion’s ongoing investment in bureau modernisation has seen it deliver cloud-enabled technology to clients since 2016 and continually shift more services to the cloud.

In 2018, Interactive helped illion migrate its data centres to the private cloud. Today, Interactive is playing a key role in illion’s modernisation program to uplift its overall technology and security stack.

As a result, Interactive is supporting illion’s migration to the public cloud, strengthening its position in the financial services landscape.

“In finance, risk mitigation is key to success, and digital transformation projects are no exception. With a rigorous focus on security, availability, and performance, we’re aiming to minimise the impact on the customer experience at all stages of the project,” said Jesse Dumoff, Chief Information Officer, illion.

“That’s why we’re excited to partner with Interactive for our public cloud migration. This will allow us to scale up quickly, as well as offer higher availability, better disaster recovery and industry-leading security measures to our customers. Interactive is a true partner which brings us one step closer to our goal of providing excellent service in times when technology is continuously changing.”

“We pride ourselves on being a local multi-cloud specialist, matching each application or workload to the best cloud platform,” said Christoper Thomas, the account lead for illion at Interactive.

“We get a thrill out of working with customers to provide flexible cloud service solutions that best fit their needs, whether it’s public, private or hybrid. Given we offer a multi-tenanted cloud solution, we manage migration, storage, backup, recovery, network, firewall and processing, and constantly improve our cloud offering.

“We are proud to have been chosen by illion to support its data migration to the public cloud in a very competitive landscape.”

Interactive focuses on teaching as well as doing, working collaboratively with its partners to upskill teams so they can get the most out of the workplace technology. Interactive’s specialised cloud knowledge and expertise is paramount to the success of illion’s IT solution.

Mr Thomas shared his excitement about the continuation of Interactive’s partnership with illion.

“For many enterprises, the transformation of data systems can be an intense maze of ongoing risks. We will be alongside illion during every step of their transformation, helping our partner to ensure a smooth transition and help alleviate unnecessary stressors.”

“It doesn’t matter what the specific technology solution is – as illion’s technology partner, we’re invested in the journey.”

To see how Interactive can help you make the leap to the cloud, get in touch with our team.

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