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OnAlert - Hardware Monitoring

Proactive monitoring for your mission-critical assets.



Introducing OnAlert

When your performance is measured in uptime, the ability to address issues before they become outages makes all the difference. OnAlert is a real-time preventative maintenance monitoring solution for IT devices, no matter the location.

Interactive can configure your devices remotely for OnAlert, ensuring a seamless and non-disruptive onboarding. We monitor your devices directly from our office, taking the pressure off your team. When a device is flagged as requiring support, the ticket is logged immediately with our Australian-based service desk notifying your dedicated engineer of the issue. With OnAlert, problems are found and resolved before they become major issues, ensuring your systems stay on and your business operations are protected.


Your preventative maintenance partner

Interactive is built on a foundation of best-in-class service, knowledge, skills, talent and support. We have carried these values to OnAlert, complementing our depth of experience in hardware maintenance.

With OnAlert, we aim to alleviate monitoring stress for your business, allowing your team to focus on other projects.

Extensive coverage

We can cover IT devices in remote, unmanned sites or where you have limited resources and knowledge to monitor equipment

Rapid response

We can quickly identify and rectify component failures that do not cause immediate system downtime

Superior support

We provide a local engineer, 100% guaranteed local parts, and an Australian-based service desk

Why invest in

  • Proactive Monitoring, 24/7

  • No-Disruption Installation

  • SSL-Encrypted Security

  • Scalable from Small Business to Enterprise

  • Minimise Alert Fatigue

  • Realtime Visibility of Devices

OnAlert covers a wide range of device types

You give us 30 minutes and a list of assets to monitor, and we’ll give you total peace of mind.

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