Wi-Fi Mapping Services

Wi-Fi Mapping

Take the guess work out of network coverage and ensure that you have optimal coverage and performance for your business.



No more Wi-Fi dark spots​​

Experience a new level of Wi-Fi connectivity with our cutting-edge diagnostic tool. With its powerful capabilities, you will gain a clear understanding of your wireless signal coverage and strength, enabling you to conquer Wi-Fi dead zones and uninterrupted connectivity. 

Unlock the full potential of your network with our comprehensive assessment tailored to your specific needs. 

Our team of certified experts, equipped with leading technology, will conduct a thorough analysis to identify any areas of weakness and create a customised placement strategy for access points and hardware requirements. 

Why you need Wi-Fi mapping​

  • Enhanced Coverage

    We strategically place access points and optimise Wi-Fi range, eliminating coverage gaps and ensuring optimal signal strength.

  • Optimal Performance

    Our solution will provide you with reliable coverage. Elevate your online experience & maximise productivity with uninterrupted connectivity.​

  • Tailored Solutions

    Our team of certified engineers will provide you with customised solutions based on the specific requirements of your environment and infrastructure.

  • Improved End-User Experience

    By resolving your Wi-Fi challenges and optimising network performance, your team will experience a more reliable, high performing environment. ​

What to expect from your wireless site audit​

On-site Survey

Our Ekahau certified engineers can resolve performance issues caused by interference. By leveraging advanced ​tools and analysis, they can pinpoint sources of interference, optimise network settings to ensure seamless connectivity for your users. ​ ​ ​

Pre-Installation Assessment

Through virtual assessments of the internal site, our expert team provide accurate insights and recommendations, ensuring optimal coverage and performance for your Wi-Fi network. ​

Post Installation Assessment

Our expert team assesses your existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure by gathering data on WLAN characteristics, signal strength, and noise levels and provide valuable insights to address any issues and optimise connectivity.​

Wi-Fi Health Check

Experience seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with our specialized health checks. Our expert engineers utilize cutting-edge technologies to assess your network's quality and performance. We identify and resolve issues that disrupt your users' Wi-Fi experience, ensuring optimal connection and coverage.​

Take control of your connectivity

Experience seamless productivity, efficient communication and a truly connected workplace. ​

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