Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable, ethical growth and believe our people are central to achieving our vision for the future.

Acknowledging our impact

Behind the downloads, the likes, the tweets, the streams, the followers and the constant video calls, there is a raft of technology that uses an incredible amount of power. The demand for energy, the constant need to upgrade, e-waste and other impacts of technology are contributing to global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, rising oceans, disparity in opportunity, exclusion and a plethora of other impacts that are yet to be felt.

We understand the effect we have (and can have) because we measure it. We measure it so we can improve it. We improve it because we believe in our ability to positively impact the outcome for everyone – our people, our business, our communities, and our planet.

Our Commitment

We place people at the centre of our community, environment, and corporate responsibility strategy. We do this because a single person can bring significant change especially when they are supported by others.

  • 100% Renewable electricity

    As a leading data centre provider, we will move to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and have joined RE100 to support this commitment.

  • Reduce waste to landfill

    We undertake monthly reporting on waste volumes and have a target to reduce our soft plastic to landfill by 80%.

Our Blueprint for Better

Our corporate sustainability strategy was co-created with the support of our people. Over 280 staff, customers and suppliers were involved in surveys, workshops, and interviews to understand what truly mattered.

The result is our Blueprint for Better, which sets out an agenda for inspiring better business, community, planet and – most critically – a better you.

Better You

It all starts with our people. A single person can turn the tide of a country or invent something that changes the world. We believe in our people’s ability to do, well, anything really. We invite people to grow - to continue becoming a better version of themselves. Curiosity, learning, supporting others to grow – this is part of our rhythm. Our intention is for each person to grow their career while at Interactive, whatever that looks like for you.

A culture of learning

Whether you’ve been here for six months or six years, we want you to continue to grow to be a better person and a better professional in your time at Interactive. We’ve developed our own learning academies (think Cloud, Networking, Cyber – with more to come) with a structured path to develop and deepen highly valuable skills. Our Learning and Development team, along with the best leaders in the industry, are personally committed to the development of our people.

Wellbeing @ Work

Looking after your wellbeing contributes to a more positive outlook, higher energy, and sustainable performance. And it starts with a sense of purpose, your ‘why’. This inspires us to find true meaning in the work that we do. We’re here to keep technology human. We are enabling choice in the way that our teams work, striking a balance that works for our people and our customers. Staying connected, staying healthy (financial, physical and mental wellbeing) and staying safe are all things we prioritise for the wellbeing of our people.


We foster a sense of belonging that celebrates differences, diversity of thought and an environment free from judgment. Our goal is for our team to be representative of the communities we work in and the customers we service. Diversity of thought allows us to innovate and be our best together, not only to survive but to thrive. We want everyone who works at Interactive to bring their +, whatever it may be, and to be the best version of themselves.

Better Business

Our customers expect Interactive to be a responsible supplier and we take this expectation seriously. We want to exceed their expectations and aim to embed the reduction of our environmental and increase our social impacts into everything we do, not just our primary services.

Sustainable destruction of e-waste

Did you know that polycarbonate from computer casing can be extracted and reused in roofing? We partner with EraseIT to securely redeploy or dispose of devices that have reached the end of their life. One way that equipmentt finds a new life is as refurbished devices donated to our not-for-profit partners.

Carbon-neutral data services

We are developing a carbon–neutral offering for our data centre and cloud services to help customers meet their own sustainability and scope 3 emission goals.

Modern Slavery

Reducing the risk to modern slavery in our supply chain.

Better Community

‘It takes a village’ the old saying goes, and we agree. At times, the rate of change has meant that some in our villages have not been able to keep pace. Rather than leaving them behind, we are taking steps to bring them with us, to break the inequality and give them a better future.

  • Volunteer leave for staff

    We are a generous bunch - our paid volunteer leave enables our people contribute back to the communities we live and work in.

  • Partnerships

    We can’t do it alone so we partner with NFP’s, leveraging our internal resources to volunteer, upskill and offer pathways to employment.

  • Members of Supply Nation

    Connects us with Indigenous procurement channels, whilst also creating more opportunities for traditionally under-represented businesses.

  • Fundraising events

    Clothing donations, blood drives, fun runs… these are just a few examples of how we create awareness for the causes our people are passionate about.

Better Planet

Our biggest challenge

There is no shying away from the significant carbon footprint of data centres. Globally, they contribute to 2-3% of all carbon emissions, a rate that is growing as the demand for data storage and processing increases. As a data centre operator, Interactive has a significant carbon footprint for a company of our size.
Better Planet

Doing better

Rather than simply trying to reduce our emissions, we have committed to sourcing 100% of our power needs from renewable sources by 2030. To underscore this commitment, we have joined RE100 and joined other like-minded businesses to help increase the volume and velocity of renewable energy projects around the world.

Better Planet

Our commitment to a better planet doesn’t stop with RE100. We are taking bold steps to reduce and manage the environmental and social impact of our operations. We want to run sustainably and reduce our waste to landfill.


Introduced an organics stream to help lower greenhouse gas emissions

No single use plastics

Single-use plastics (such as coffee cups) either removed or replaced with compostable alternatives

Supply chain accountability

Creation of a Sustainable Procurement framework to enhance our supply chain transparency and accountability.

Sustainable device disposal

E-waste is managed in a transparent and environmentally sensitive manner by EraseIT
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