Deliver your clients full support and savings with Australia’s leading network and IT hardware solutions.

Providing premium support

Help your clients take control of their IT environment with Australia and New Zealand’s leading hardware maintenance provider.

Hardware maintenance is a core part of Interactive’s heritage with over 33 years of experience in the area. We have continued to evolve and expand but never lost sight of what is most important – providing premier service for our resellers and their customers.

Since launching in 2017, our hardware maintenance channel builds upon our track record in service excellence. Our channel team support over 300 resellers across Australia and New Zealand with over 5,000 devices under contract but still provide the customised and one-on-one customer experience we are known for.

Our Partnership with Dicker Data

Interactive works with Dicker Data in both Australia and New Zealand to assist resellers and customers.

Leveraging Dicker Data’s dedicated channel resources and extensive presales support, we can provide resellers with a better service at competitive pricing with the simplicity of an online quoting portal. Our dedicated teams are always ready to assist you with any deal - large or small.

Why choose Interactive as a partner?

Premium Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our premium SLAs range from standard 4-hour onsite response to high availability 2-hour onsite through the reseller portal for an immediate quote.

100% Parts guarantee

When an outage occurs, you don’t have time to wait on parts to ship. We have built an extensive network of warehouses across Australia and New Zealand with over 100,000 spare parts on hand to help our customers in their time of need.

User friendly online quoting tool

Do you know what device you want to put under support and need a quote asap? We can help! Using Dicker Data’s online quoting portal, you can get a quote instantly.


We care about providing your customers the best possible maintenance support – not about which vendor their network is built upon. We can help consolidate their hardware warranties regardless of differing levels of support, vendors, or contract termination dates. At Interactive, we are the single point of contact for all your customer maintenance needs.

Cost effective

Instead of costly vendor warranties on your client’s devices, we offer extended support for devices, in and out of service life. Our pricebook on the Reseller Portal is updated often and offers cost effective solutions with our premium SLAs that exceed the expectations of both you and your client.

Flexible monthly contracts

You can put virtually any hardware under Interactive support and not be locked into a 1-year contract with our monthly contracts and monthly billing offerings. This allows for complete flexibility in your client’s hardware ecosystem if they are not ready to upgrade their infrastructure just yet.

No End-of-Service Life

Take control over your vendor contracts. Interactive can help maintain the hardware that still suits your customer’s business needs best – even if it is marked as end of service life (EOSL) by the OEM.

Specialised field engineers

Our field service engineers are manufacturer trained and certified across all major vendors. This level of accreditation contributes to our comprehensive responses in all situations and our unsurpassed first-call resolution rate of 96%.
Founded in 1988

Download our Fast Facts Flyer and find out how we can help you and your clients.

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