Managed Network Services

Network Services

Keep your networks secure and optimised for cloud applications, enabling hybrid teams to work securely and efficiently.

Introducing Managed SD-WAN

Interactive’s Managed SD-WAN gives you greater control and management over your networks by dynamically routing and prioritising network traffic according to the specific needs of each application.

Our range of managed services, including cloud, workplace, and cyber security, help you control and streamline your network management and improve security across your organisation. Improving network visibility and control, will also help you simplify management and rationalise costs.

Our local, certified engineers assess your business and technical requirements then create the optimal solution giving you choice of connectivity options, vendors and market-leading solutions from our partners Cisco and Fortinet.

Single supplier

We are carrier agnostic and remove the complexity of managing your data centre and networking solutions, so you can focus on more strategic business initiatives.

Rapid response 24/7

100% Australian owned and managed. We operate 24/7 Network Operations Centres enabling our highly skilled local engineers to answer your calls within 6 seconds. Fast resolution, every time.

Tailor your solution

We choose the best solution from a variety of vendors to deliver your unique networking topology, all under one simple billing model.

Ready for business

Our local network specialists provide a secure and reliable cloud-based working experience that you can trust. We bring you the world's best SD-WAN network technology, making it easier for you to meet your business demands.

Our team of certified engineers will collaborate with you to identify the perfect SD-WAN solution that fits your business requirements while leveraging your e...

Single point-of-contact

Our Australian based service desk supports over 2,500 customers across Australia and New Zealand and will be your single point of support for your network data and voice solutions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Managed Network Services

Managed WAN

We deliver a range of WAN services connecting your multiple offices or locations together with purpose-built, high availability wide-area networks including monitoring and management.

Managed SD-WAN

We manage your SD-WAN and VoIP requirements, enabling you to have more control over your network, improve your bandwidth performance, and increase the visibility of your data flow.

Managed cloud connect

A cost-effective, secure connection from your site to any public or private cloud. We ensure you have the bandwidth required to access your cloud workloads faster and more securely.

Managed point-to-point

We manage your point-to-point data communications, including your ethernet connectivity over short and long-haul circuits, your premium wavelength transmission and your specific dark fibre circuit.

Managed Wi-Fi

Our secure, integrated Wi-Fi network offers expert installation, secure guest access and uses the Cisco Meraki dashboard – a market-leading tool for monitoring and configuring devices and services. We can get you up and running by managing the design, procurement and installation of your Wi-Fi network. We also provide ongoing monitoring, maintenance and reporting.

Data centre networking

We manage your traditional networks through a highly secure, private IP network. We design and deploy a range of data centre solutions to deliver a modern high-speed infrastructure solution.

Your custom network, delivered

  • Excellent performance

    We deliver resilient, low-latency performance for your applications, services and online transactions.

  • Secure connections

    Your SD-WAN provides reliable encrypted communications to multiple sites powered by NBN at lower cost.

  • Better network control

    Real-time visibility of network traffic lets you improve traffic management and rationalise costs.

  • Market-leading platforms

    Choose powerful Cisco Meraki or Fortinet technology to build your SD-WAN network.

Our partners and certifications

Reduce the complexity of your network.

A single point-of-call for all of your network needs can save you time, money and reduce confusion. What are you waiting for?

Managing network technologies as a

business nbn™ accredited adviser

Get a premium, high performance fibre access network like no other – designed to be both fast and reliable.
Different businesses have different voice, data and internet needs - select the best traffic source for yours.
Providing a suite of innovative solutions, gain access to high-speed broadband designed to suit your needs.

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