Interactive Anywhere

Interactive Anywhere

Interactive is your all-encompassing outsourced IT managed services provider.

With Interactive Anywhere, we will seamlessly manage your IT operating environment, sites and staff – allowing you to focus on what matters.

We do everything IT – anywhere.

Interactive Anywhere is about meeting your team wherever you are on your IT journey.

Whether you are a single office or an international organisation, our team of experts are ready to meet you where you are, manage your IT, and provide you with advice when you need it.

Designed to empower your organisation, Interactive Anywhere covers all your IT needs – from a smooth transition to the cloud to the rapid mitigation of cyber risks, Interactive Anywhere is the last word in managed IT services.


A comprehensive suite

We bring together the full range of our managed services, ensuring we can build the right solution for you.

interactive managed services
interactive managed services

Our service offering

From cloud migrations and system upgrades, to bolstering cyber security defences and thorough threat analyses, Interactive Anywhere encompasses a full suite of managed services tailored to your business. We are the trusted technology partner that can unlock opportunities to increase efficiency and optimise ROI, while being the single point of contact so your team can focus on what truly matters.


Infrastructure is the backbone of your operating environment.

Building and maintaining suitable infrastructure requires a holistic approach to technology. We will help you with Cloud migrations, on-site, hybrid environments, and everything in between.

• Cloud migration and optimisation
• Multi-cloud environments
• Data centre...


Keeping your team connected has never been easier with our expertise and proactive approach to networks.

We will make sure that no matter where your people are, or the size of your business, you’ll operate as a cohesive team.

• Managed WLAN
• Managed SD-WAN
• Managed Cloud connect
• Data centre networking
• Managed point-to-point / Multi-point

End User Support

Efficient end user support is key to business success.

We will help minimise downtime by enabling your people to focus on their core tasks rather than grappling with technical challenges.

From digital workspaces to endpoint support, we do it all.

· Managed digital workspace
· Device management
· Remote desk...

Why Interactive Anywhere?


Building your technology solution to match your organisation’s expansion.
  • We can help if your business success has led to outgrowing your current IT provider.
  • We are here to provide expert advice and guidance as you come across new challenges during your expansion.
  • We will work alongside your in-house IT team to develop and implement a scalable strategic plan to drive your business outcomes as you grow.


Your trusted partner, when you need us most.
  • You are due for an upgrade and need an expert partner to help.
  • You’re concerned about your security posture and want to identify your weaknesses to fortify your IT security.
  • Your infrastructure has reached its end of life and you’re due for an upgraded system.


Bringing all your IT together, in one place.
  • We make things simple if you operate across multiple regions and vendors, by pulling it all together.
  • We help you save costs by optimising your cloud services.
  • We will help you transition with ease as you migrate to cloud, and provide expertise to choose the right solution.

Let us help you.

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