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Hardware Maintenance

Interactive has been supporting mission critical IT systems for 30+ years. From humble beginnings, and a desire to support customers and their ageing equipment, we are now the largest privately owned hardware maintenance provider in Australia. We provide best-in-class SLAs, skilled engineers and a 100% parts availability guarantee. We reduce downtime for you and your business-critical systems.
Parts at the ready and waiting for when you need them
Minimise downtime with best-in-class response times
Dedicated, intimate knowledge of your business' IT
Maximise your equipment's operational life and return on IT investment

Why choose Interactive for Hardware Maintenance?

We support a wide range of brands, models and devices, specialising in End-of-service-life hardware.

What we offer

100% Parts Availability

We guarantee 100% parts availability for devices we support in your local city. You no longer need to suffer downtime as a result of a parts delay. We reduce downtime for you and your mission critical systems.

Premium SLAs

We offer a best-in-class 24x7x2 hour onsite support, with parts. Due to our desire to deliver and commitment to supporting our customers systems, we meet our SLAs 98% of the time.

Extensive Coverage

It’s likely we are already close to you and your business. We service over 300,000 devices across 25,000 sites in Australia and New Zealand with our extensive network.

Local Experts

Your engineer works at Interactive full time and is familiar with your IT environment. Your dedicated engineers are vendor trained and certified professionals, including expert Cisco certified qualifications.

Rapid Response

We take responding to your call seriously. Our Australian call centre answers your call within 8 seconds, your engineer calls you back within 10 minutes and we can be onsite with parts within 2 hours. We resolve 36,000+ customer calls annually.

Customer Focused

One monthly invoice to process, one phone number to call to raise a ticket, one Account Executive and a dedicated engineer network to look after you.

EOSL Specialists

We support your devices, even when they are End-of-Service-Life from the vendor, and have been for 30 years. We have no End-of-life for devices we support directly. View our EOSL list.

Multi-Vendor Provider

We’re Australia’s largest multi-vendor hardware maintenance provider. We fix servers, storage devices, network and communications equipment.

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