Inkline IT: Gaining contract flexibility and quality service support
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Inkline IT: Gaining contract flexibility and quality service support

Learn how they now have 100% spare parts, providing 100% peace of mind.
Published on
June 4, 2021

Customer overview

Inkline IT

From managed print to a fully managed service for their infrastructure, over 200 customers have come to depend on Inkline as their trusted partner in IT.

Established in 2009, Inkline IT started by supporting clients with managed print solutions. Their clients range from small architectural firms through to large online organisations. All of whom come to Inkline IT for a solution to their specific IT needs. From managed print to a fully managed service for their infrastructure, over 200 customers have come to depend on the employees at Inkline as their trusted partner in IT. Inkline IT’s team of 15 staff are relied upon to maintain the IT infrastructure while their clients focus on delivering their business services to their customers.


Key benefits

  • End of service life hardware maintenance support for 3PAR device
  • Premium service level agreements for core infrastructure
  • Streamlined ticketing process when outages occur
  • 100% spare part guarantee for supported hardware

Business challenge

Clients that rely on uptime

One of Inkline IT’s major customers is, a wholly online organisation that relies on IT as a key enabler of their business.

“Carsales relies upon their 3PAR SAN infrastructure as a key enabler of their offering,” said Craig Amour, Director of Sales at Inkline IT. “Having such a critical piece of infrastructure unavailable for longer than a few hours has a significant impact on their ability to deliver to their customers.”

Inkline needed a solution that ensured key infrastructure was online, guaranteed no matter the day, time or place.


Giving their clients high service and support

Inkline IT delivered the peace-of-mind carsales was looking for by quoting Interactive’s infrastructure services.

From maximising the life of their expensive assets to having the certainty of continued operation, Inkline IT is pleased that the Interactive infrastructure support solution is working for “It gives them confidence that their infrastructure will remain available and, in the event it did fail, they have the backup of parts in Melbourne and an engineer less than 2-hours away any time of the day”, says Craig.

With service levels that exceed those of the vendor, Interactive’s infrastructure services are a perfect solution for mission-critical infrastructure requirements.

“Everyone we have moved to Interactive stays, mostly due to the quality of service”


A trusted partner and network

Interactive has partnered with Dicker Data to offer rapid response hardware maintenance support to Australian IT resellers and their customers. Regardless of the server, storage or networking requirements, with Dicker Data, Interactive is here to provide a tailored solution to resellers for any IT environment.

Leveraging Dicker Data’s dedicated channel resources and presales support, we can find the solution for you to close a customer deal. Whether you require help putting together a longer post-warranty solution to help your customers extend the value of their existing hardware or providing a short-term support solution to cover your customers while they move to a new hardware platform, we have the resources you need.

Deliver your clients full support and savings with Australia’s leading network and IT hardware solutions.

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