Cloud Optimisation

Cloud Optimisation

Cloud is not ‘set and forget’. Ensure cost control, reduced risk and accelerated innovation through a tailored cloud optimisation strategy.

Are you confident that your cloud environment is performing as you need?

Cloud usage is growing at an exponential rate. Many businesses are investing in cloud infrastructure to deliver business value and whilst this has undoubtedly been beneficial, an estimated 35% of cloud investment is wasted.

Without a cloud optimisation strategy, many businesses are wasting money on unnecessary resources, migrating the wrong workloads and don’t have the right configuration and controls in place. As a result, many are paying far more than they need to for unused resources and the mismanagement of cloud infrastructure.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

Inadequate governance

A lack of controls around how cloud is consumed can elevate costs and security risks.

Low security posture

Poor configuration can rapidly lead to security gaps leaving your business exposed to cyber attack. Are you confident you know your level of exposure?

Poorly optimised cloud resources

Improve visibility of your current cloud wastage, vulnerabilities, and risk with an Interactive Optimisation Assessment.

Cloud optimisation services

Improve visibility of your current cloud wastage, vulnerabilities, and risk with an Interactive Optimisation Assessment. Interactive’s cloud optimisation process includes a customised Optimisation Report complemented by a one-day architecture workshop to dive into specific workloads and identify high, medium, and low-risk issues.

Reduce cloud costs

Interactive can quickly identify your public cloud services and usage trends, highlighting unused resources, better pricing models and immediate opportunities for savings. That’s dollars back in your budget.

Eliminate risk

Our team of certified public cloud architects can reduce your risk with architecture remediation that includes security, wastage, governance and compliance. Best practice architecture for a secure business.

Gain cloud control

Interactive improves visibility across your multi-cloud environment by providing a single view into your costs, usage and performance regardless of cloud provider. With customised reports, user-based dashboards and proactive alerts you are armed with the insights you need to forecast accurately and make better decisions faster. That’s multi-cloud mastery.

We take a 360-degree approach to pinpointing vulnerabilities

  • Cloud infrastructure review

    Our cloud optimisation process starts with a review and redesign of your infrastructure to provide cost saving and a solid base for future innovation.

  • Cloud visibility

    Our process reviews your entire cloud infrastructure to help you rationalise or gain a business-unit level understanding of your cloud environment.

  • Cloud financial management

    Our cost optimisation strategy includes a detailed breakdown of spend and continually analyses to find the most cost-effective purchasing plan.

  • Cloud infrastructure optimisation

    By ensuring you are maximising the utilisation of your investments we can help you gain the benefits of public cloud without the costs of cloud sprawl

  • Operational Efficiency

    You will benefit from our broad experience across hundreds of cloud engagements and deep platform expertise.

  • Cloud security

    Our 24/7 Australian cyber security operations centre (CSOC) is available to help secure even the most complex environments.

What would you do with an on-demand team of cloud experts?

Post your assessment, the real work begins.

CloudFlex instantly boosts your public cloud capability by providing pay as you go access to a dedicated multi-cloud project team.

Whether it be cloud migration, cloud optimisation, security remediation, developing a well-architected framework, provisioning or documentation - CloudFlex helps you deliver on your project hit list.

Engineering Excellence


Local Cloud Engineers


Cloud Certifications across VmWare, Cisco, AWS, Azure, GCP.

Let us help you

take control of your cloud

Transition to the cloud with minimal cost, disruption and uncertainty but with maximum business benefits.
Protect your data across multiple cloud platforms with simple, integrated security solutions.
Access an army of cloud experts to help you mature your cloud operations and grow your business.

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Ready to take control?

If you’re frustrated with a lack of transparency and performance issues - then take action today.

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