Quickly boost your cloud capability with access to a scalable team of AWS and Azure certified experts.

Does your team have the right skills, right now?

50% of all Australian workloads are predicted to be in public cloud by 2023. However, lack of internal cloud skills remains one of the top 5 challenges for Australian IT leaders.

Without the necessary cloud expertise, migrating and managing multiple public cloud platforms becomes tricky. The risk of not getting it right can result in cloud bill shock, security issues, compliance gaps – or simply a long list of public cloud projects that never seem to progress.

Traditional solutions, such as resource augmentation or contracting can be expensive and offer limited flexibility for changing scope, short-term projects or multi-cloud scenarios.

How Interactive can help

CloudFlex instantly boosts your public cloud capability by providing scalable, pay-as-you-go access to a dedicated multi-cloud project team.

From migration and optimisation to security remediation and well-architected frameworks, CloudFlex helps you deliver quickly and to best practice on your public cloud project hit list.

Scaled expertise
when you need it

  • Project Manager

    Multi-Cloud, Agile expert

  • Lead Solution Architect

    Deep platform and industry knowledge

  • Specialist Cloud Engineer

    DevOps and automation expertise

  • Associate Cloud Engineer

    AWS and Azure Associate Certified

Not your traditional professional services team

Multi-Cloud expertise

Access to both AWS and Azure experts with deep architectural knowledge across both platforms.


A flexible, crossed skilled team you can scale up or down, month to month, depending on your business needs.

Agile methodology

CloudFlex is a natural fit for public cloud and agile project methodology.

Skills transfer

We complement your team by sharing knowledge and skills through working together.

Australian owned & operated

Your CloudFlex team is Australian-based and rich with local industry experience and insight.

Quick onboarding

We are up and running with your team within 10 days. No long onboarding times or lead times.

Meet your CloudFlex Team

What could you do with CloudFlex?

With access to the shared knowledge and delivery expertise of a CloudFlex team, what could you tackle on your project hit list?

A CloudFlex team can be deployed against any of the below projects to help you free up existing resources and quickly tackle urgent issues such as cost optimisation, security remediation and ongoing compliance.

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Cloud Provisioning
  • Security Remediation
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Cloud Governance
  • Well-Architected Frameworks
  • Disaster Recovery Design
  • Project Documentation

Why Interactive?

Multi-Cloud expertise

We know that most Australian businesses will be using multiple cloud platforms to meet their business requirements. Our ethos is to provide agnostic advice and the technical capability to help our customers meet the complexities of a multi-cloud reality.

Security expertise

Working in accordance with AWS and Azure best-practice guidelines for security, compliance and governance, we leverage our own deep security expertise to help you identify any risks in your cloud environment and take the required steps to effectively and continually remediate them.

Flexible services

We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, and instead, offer you, multiple commercial models, for your public cloud professional and managed services based on your budget, security requirements, data requirements and nature of your workloads.

With on-demand cloud experts on your team, what would you tackle first?

Talk to the team to discover how CloudFlex can work for you.

Your local experts on

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Whether you’re ready to adopt, migrate, optimise or improve your security – we can help.
Access the expertise you need to unlock maximum benefits from your Azure cloud.

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