Achieving significant cost savings through cloud optimisation
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Achieving significant cost savings through cloud optimisation

Discover how we were able to help our client achieve cost savings of over $10,000 per month without disruption to their day-to-day operations or compromising on performance through our Cloud Flex Optimisation Assessment.
Published on
September 9, 2021

Customer overview

Leading Australian financial services business 

Australian based company providing trusted data and analytics products & services throughout Australasia.  

Services include providing end-to-end customer management solutions incorporating lead generation, sales prospecting, credit risk assessment & decisioning and receivables optimisation to clients from a range of industries. The company also owns and operates one of the fastest growing consumer marketplaces platforms that provides consumers with access to their credit score and credit file, free of charge.

Key benefits

  • Ongoing USD $11,000pm in cost savings
  • Improved security and management of their public cloud
  • Ability to forecast costs and plan for future projects with greater accuracy
  • Improved documentation, visibility and business context for public cloud services

Business challenge

An environment that lacked visibility creating operational and security risks

The client had identified that they were over budget on their existing public cloud AWS and Azure solution but didn’t have the internal expertise to identify the cost effectiveness & efficiency of their cloud services.  

They also didn’t have clear documentation or visibility on the cloud services & applications in use and how data was being stored & accessed which posed a risk from both an operational and security perspective. They needed to engage a third party that would help to identify where cost savings could be made without compromising their day to day operations.  


Working together to achieve a better performing solution at a fraction of the cost

Interactive conducted a Cost Optimisation Assessment utilising Cloud Flex which is a managed service providing access to a scalable team of AWS and Azure certified experts with multiple skillsets.   

What appealed to the client was that they not only gained access to the expertise they needed, but with our quick onboarding and agile project methodology we could identify where cost savings could be made along with an estimate of those savings effectively and efficiently. 

We kicked off the project by conducting a detailed scope to understand what their internal expertise were and what gaps needed to be filled. This enabled us to tailor a team of experts on our side that complimented their internal team. Working together collaboratively through daily touch points, break out sessions and a shared task board meant that tasks could be accomplished easily and quickly. This collaborative approach also meant that we could educate the company’s team and build on their existing knowledge.  

Taking this approach to the Cost Optimisation Assessment enabled us to provide detailed and actionable recommendations on where cost savings could be made. The flexibility and agile nature of CloudFlex allowed us to adapt resources to bring in the expertise that could then action those cost savings. It also meant that we could re-prioritise tasks on a day-to-day basis.

The solution then evolved into a review and analysis of their cloud environment and Interactive was engaged to manage the company’s public cloud on an ongoing basis. We were able to merge 13 AWS accounts under one account payer and overall 58 tasks were completed under the CloudFlex program, including 13 cost optimisation tasks that saved an estimated $11,000 USD per month. Six security remediation tasks were also completed along with five reporting tasks – all done within a five month timeframe. In the future, the client is looking into using CloudFlex for the transformation from private to public cloud addressing areas such as disaster recovery.  


Improved security, visibility, management and performance 

Interactive was able to help our client achieve cost savings that went over and above their expectations, that importantly didn’t impact their day to day operations.  

They were able to maintain the same level of performance if not better, but with cost savings. The changes have also had a positive impact on their operations, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on managing their cloud. They are now more effectively able to identify issues and enhancements for the business  

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