An Azure based solution enabling growth, agility and resiliency
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An Azure based solution enabling growth, agility and resiliency

Discover how taking an adaptive approach to gaining a detailed understanding of the client’s requirements allowed us to successfully deploy a solution that has improved security, visibility and productivity.
Published on
September 9, 2021

Customer overview

Award winning coffee roasters and distributors

An Australian company that is committed to roasting exceptional coffee and is passionate about meeting their customer’s needs, so they can then meet their customer’s needs. 

The client has nine coffee brands in their portfolio, a roasting facility in Sydney and two micro-roasteries located in Brisbane and Canberra that enable them to offer both small batch and large scale roasting. They have multiple support offices located in New South Wales and QueenslandThe company also offers an education program via their own Premier Training Campus 

Key benefits

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Brand protection
  • Enabled business growth
  • Improved security and visibility

Business challenge

A growing company with no existing technology roadmap and antiquated systems

The client had identified that there was a real need for a solution that was going to help transform their business and enable it to continue experiencing growth.  

With issues such as their server room being located in a potential fire hazard area, they wanted to move as fast as possible and appreciated Interactive’s reactiveness to get things done quickly. The client also didn’t have measures in place to mitigate downtime that could be crippling for their business as it disrupts their ability to operate and perform crucial tasks. And, because they operate in such a competitive market, they couldn’t afford to not be able to service their clients at the standards they strived to maintain as this could lose them business.  


Knowledge is power

Because of the client’s existing landscape, Interactive knew that a comprehensive discovery phase was required. We knew that they wanted a cloud based solution so our proposal was to begin with a CRA (Cloud Readiness Assessment).  

We couldn’t fully rely on the existing documentation and data and there was only a small amount of technical assessment that could be done, so the CRA was predominantly workshop based. The client appreciated that we were able to adapt our approach and that we took the time to understand the business and what they wanted to achieve. The workshops enabled us to identify exactly what was required and the client really valued the pragmatic and hands on consultative process.  

From the findings of the CRA we proposed an Azure based solution. The company already had existing Microsoft products that they were familiar and comfortable with so this enabled us to integrate existing infrastructure and provide appropriate support around it. We deployed the solution, migrating their existing servers and data and configured everything to ensure best practices were being adhered to. Ongoing, we continue to provide support to the client through our managed services.  


positively transformational journey that has helped propel the company to the next level

Interactive’s solution provided the client with the resiliency they needed, improved their security and provided more visibility to all aspects of their business.  

This has enabled them to grow their business and also provide reassurance to external investors. By shifting from Microsoft Business to Enterprise Suite and having a workforce that is more aligned with the product stack, they have also seen improvements in end user productivity.  

Are you ready to experience optimum cloud performance?

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