High-density data centre: High performance in a smaller footprint
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High-density data centre: High performance in a smaller footprint

Require high computing but lack space? Maybe moving to a high-density data centre is right for your organisation.
Published on
February 24, 2022

Why compromise physical data centre space for increased computing speed?

When it comes to your organisation’s capacity to service customers or employees, and operate as efficiently and productively as possible, where and how you keep your data plays an essential role. This is particularly the case for institutions with intensive data requirements, like universities and financial organisations.

However, the reality remains that many companies haven’t got the right data centre set-up in place – either because they are underestimating their requirements or are paying too much for space and facilities that they don’t need.

Optimising space and workload with high-density data centres

Today’s organisations have ever-increasing data requirements, many needing specialised processing functions that can only be supported by using high power computing (HPC).

With an increase in the use of HPC, the high-density data centre (HDDC) has emerged as an increasingly popular and necessary option.

Key Insight 62% of organisations say their rack density has increased over the past 3 years.

Essentially, a HDDC facility is one in which rack and power densities are increased to support the needs of HPC. Technologies like on-chip and immersion cooling support the full utilisation of your investment in HPC systems.

Traditionally, data centres relied on multiple racks of low-power systems, resulting in an average rack density of around 4kW/rack. We are now seeing air cooled rack densities of up to 30kW/rack, with workloads that quickly ramp up and down requiring adaptive cooling and power systems.

If speed is key for your business and milliseconds count, it could be time to investigate if moving to a high-density data centre is right for you with our free guide.

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