High-Density Data Centre

Gain a competitive advantage and protect your precious IP with a purpose-built, high-density data centre solution.

Why high-density?

IT equipment workloads vary constantly, which can cause latency and heating issues that disrupt the operation of your equipment. High-frequency trading, as an example, needs to considerably ramp up during business hours, requiring adaptive cooling technology to ensure your most critical data is at optimal temperature 24/7.

Speed is key in competitive industries. Milliseconds count. Better cooling = faster and more reliable performance.

Australia's most trusted data centre solution provider

100% Actual uptime

Each of our data centres boasts an uptime rating of 99.98% across the data centre floor space, with an actual data centre uptime of 100%. That translates to virtually uninterruptible operational performance.

Secure 24/7

Our data centres are monitored 24/7 with CCTV cameras at entrances, swipe cards required at each access point, and physical security onsite to check who comes and goes.


We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and help our customers meeting their APRA and ASIC compliance requirements.

Unlock the next stage
in hyper performance

Interactive's high-density data centres are intelligently designed to support the next generation of infrastructure. Our adaptive cooling technology is custom-built for high-density environments, ensuring your cooling system follows the workload requirements to keep your IT at a constant ideal temperature.

  • Customised purpose-built room

    Our high-density data centre solutions have been designed by our team of experts to specifically facilitate High Performance computing (HPC).

  • Designed for extreme performance

    High-density data centre environments can operate under extreme performance conditions of up to 100 kw per rack.

  • Custom cooling options

    From close-coupled in-row cooling to full immersion cooling, our team can design a custom solution that best fits your IT equipment.

  • Save on power bills

    The adaptive cooling technology minimises the energy consumption through containment, close-coupled cooling, CPU liquid or immersion cooling.

  • Onsite expertise and technical advice

    Onsite engineers can provide Tech Hands, technical advice, project management, equipment relocations, installations and onsite hardware maintenance.

  • Powerful competitive advantage

    With the latest high-density technologies, you get to benefit from the fastest and most reliable computing platform available.

The future is immersion cooling

Interactive is one of the very few data centres designed for high-density with water-based, close-coupled cooling in Australia.

Why use immersion cooling?

  • CPU performance and use of GPUs is increasing
  • Rack power density is reaching the limits of air cooling
  • Immersion cooling can support up to 100kW per rack
  • Reduces power and water consumption
  • Supports harsh IT environments and improves reliability
  • Reduces the need for space and electrical infrastructure with new data centre builds

Ready to gain a powerful competitive advantage?

We can help your business to achieve increased efficiency, lower cost and lower environmental impact, so you can focus on your everyday IT business operations.

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