Resuscitating a health network’s IT
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Resuscitating a health network’s IT

Interactive was chosen by one of the country’s largest health networks to save its IT from buckling under the strain of COVID-19 and new regulation.
Published on
August 4, 2022

Customer overview

One of Australia’s largest health networks

Servicing the health needs of a vibrant and population-dense region of Australia, our customer is a private health network (PHN) – one of 31 established by the Australian Government to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for the community. With hospital emergency departments overflowing with patients and wait times multiplying by the hour, our customer’s aim is to reduce these numbers by providing alternate solutions for people in need of care. Taking pressure off our emergency departments but most importantly ensuring people at risk of poor health outcomes are cared for in the right place at the right time.

They do this in collaboration with a multitude of health professionals such as general practitioners, practice nurses, allied health providers and other health services.


Key benefits

  • Expert team managing their multi-cloud environment
  • Robust security across all systems
  • Modern IT infrastructure to enable growth
  • A trusted technology partner that takes the stress out of IT

Business challenge

Under resourced and unsecure

A distraction from its primary focus – community health outcomes – our PHN customer partnered with Interactive in June 2020 to solve its IT issues and strengthen its infrastructure for ongoing success.

During one of the busiest periods in the health sector’s history, the PHN faced many business challenges, accelerated by COVID-19. Like many in the sector, its technology wasn’t ready for the pressure. When Interactive first partnered with our PHN customer, its IT provider at the time wasn’t living up to expectations. Because of this its small internal team of two were struggling to maintain a secure and fit-for-purpose technology stack.

They couldn’t keep up with the pace of change and needed a managed service provider that could help smooth out its IT creases so that it would work perfectly in the background while it focused on its business.


Managed, modernised and secured

Lifting the metaphorical bonnet on IT systems in the health sector reveals a complex engine and our customer needed their engine to hum; in the background and without distraction from their primary focus – achieving better health outcomes for the people in their community.

“They needed a partner that understood where they were coming from, and unlike Interactive, technology isn’t their expertise or primary focus. It was our role to understand that and to create a solution bespoke to their needs and one that they could trust, now and into the future”, said Brad Wells, Director of Enterprise Sales at Interactive

After a series of collaborative workshops, it became clear what the PHN needed. Their infrastructure was weakening and this in turn led to security issues that could be detrimental for the network and its 10,000+ practitioners.

Our customer now entrusts Interactive with the management of their on-premises environment.

IT infrastructure is modernised and secured for success – as well as removing the stress of the fallout of aging systems and processes.

For our PHN customer they now have a modern multi-cloud solution utilising Azure public Cloud, Cloud telephony, Ofice365 and new on-premises network, firewall and internet services.


A bespoke solution, delivered on time and on budget

Importantly, this innovative and sustainable solution was delivered on time and on budget.

Our customer has a trusted technology partner by their side to allow them to focus on what matters to them and their community.

“Our customer is now confident that its IT is working for them rather than against them and is ready for any other transformation that might come their way. Importantly, our PHN customer is enabled by their technology to continue supporting the people in their community to receive the care they need, when they need it”, shared Brad.

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