Dell EMC Hardware Support & Maintenance

Dell EMC Hardware Support & Maintenance

Transform your IT support experience with Interactive with EMC Support for Dell products.

Australia’s leading independent support provider for Dell EMC assets

Interactive delivers a single point of accountability for the uptime and performance of all your Dell EMC assets. Our guaranteed local parts, dedicated field engineers, and 2-hour onsite support SLAs across Australia & New Zealand, means a failure in computer, storage or network assets need never become an outage.

Take back control. With Interactive Direct Support, assets reaching the end of their vendor- supported service life can continue with local 2-hour onsite support for as long as you choose.

Interactive Hardware Maintenance supports over 2,500 organisations, 46,000 locations and 300,000 assets across Australian & New Zealand.

Australian Dell EMC service desk

Our locally-based Dell EMC service desk is here to support you 24/7 with our industry leading response times. We answer calls within 6 seconds and connect you with your dedicated engineer within 10 minutes.

Your dedicated Dell EMC experts

Our 160 field engineers are extensively trained and certified with the vendors you know and trust, and include over 60 NV1 certifications for sensitive, regulated, and sovereign environments.

Local parts-on-hand guarantee

Interactive’s local-parts-on-hand guarantee ensures that we have 100% availability for any Dell EMC device that we support.

How can we help you today?

Superior service and value

Harnessing our technical and commercial capabilities, we’ll identify the ideal level of Dell EMC support across your entire IT environment. Without compromising the level of coverage, we’ll identify opportunities for cost efficiencies.

Tailored solutions for Dell Hardware

A vendor consolidation plan will map the major components of your infrastructure with the goal of improved performance, reliability, and cost optimisation. Our optimisation solutions are tailored to your industry, manufacturer contracts, and branch locations, to offer even closer Dell EMC support for less.

Seamless integration

The transition is completely seamless with little to no heavy lifting required from your side. We populate the database with every piece of equipment to be under maintenance and include call management free of charge to ensure the ultimate customer experience.

Technical expertise

With dedicated Dell EMC technicians and best-in-class response times, we maximise your equipment’s operational life and keep your fleet running. Our team has local Dell EMC parts at the ready and deep technical expertise to enable an unparalleled level of support and maintenance.

Local 24/7 customer support

Our Australian service centre and 160+ field engineers deliver an unrivaled 96% first-fix rate, 99% SLA attainment, and an industry-leading +85 Net Promoter Score. We answer calls within 6 seconds and connect you with your dedicated Dell EMC technician within 10 minutes.

Safe and secure asset disposal

Through our partners at EraseIt, we ensure a safe, secure, and ethical destruction and disposal of any of your Dell EMC assets.
  • No end-of-service life

    Interactive delivers support for Dell EMC assets until you choose to decommission them. At Interactive, your Dell EMC assets have no forced EOSL date.

  • First-time fix guarantee

    Our team of field engineers offer unparalleled service and support for your Dell EMC devices. And won’t leave a job until the problem is resolved.

  • Multi-vendor support services

    Interactive delivers a single point of accountability for all your Dell EMC devices, regardless of vendor.

  • Broad geographic coverage

    With guaranteed local parts & field services right across Australia & New Zealand - we’re the partner of choice for multi-site businesses.

  • Flexible maintenance and service levels

    Our team can manage service risks and tailor service levels accordingly from standard 4-hr onsite response to high availability 2-hr onsite service.

Founded in 1988

Don’t let end-of-service life dictate your Dell EMC needs

Just because Dell EMC has earmarked a device for end-of-life (EOL) or end-of-service-life (EOSL), that doesn’t mean your business has to replace it. If it’s fit for use and fit for purpose, Interactive can maintain 2-hour onsite support with no end of support date... ever.

Easy device & contract management

Our customer portal provides you with an easy access point to manage your devices. We load every device into a database and manage the support process from day one. You get the perfect support environment for you and peace of mind that your infrastructure is under control. Moves, adds, changes & decommissions all have a 30-day notice & can be managed directly in the portal.

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Defined by reliability, and outstanding customer service

Tired of compromising on the service for your business-critical systems?

How else can we help?

We've partnered with Dicker Data to provide hardware maintenance support to resellers & their customers
EraseIT holds ISO90001 & ISO270001 certifications to support data destruction, hardware repurposing & disposal
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