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Why We Are Australia's Leading Cloud Services Provider

Accelerate the digital transformation of your organisation with Interactive’s industry-leading managed cloud services. Interactive is Australia’s largest privately-owned IT company and amongst the most established cloud service providers in the country, with the capabilities to securely manage and support your transition to a public, private, multi or hybrid cloud environment.

We are 100% onshore with a national team of cloud experts, certified across AWS, Azure and GCP. We offer seamless services and a range of options to suit your cloud requirements. Keep reading to learn more about the cloud services we offer.

What is Cloud Services?

It’s defined as the on-demand availability of IT resources, including data storage and computing power, delivered as a utility service without the need for any direct or active management by the end-user (or client).

Cloud Services Comparison

The primary types of cloud services we offer and support are:

  • Private Cloud Services, providing dedicated cloud infrastructure for the exclusive use of a single organisation to maximise operational performance, security, availability and support.
  • Public Cloud Services, where services are provided via shared cloud infrastructure but can still be accessed via secure, managed networks and monitored by a dedicated support team, including our ISO-certified Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC).
  • Multi-Cloud Services, which incorporate an integrated environment of private and public cloud services with applications or workloads matched to the most suitable cloud platform
  • Hybrid Cloud Services, which incorporate an integrated environment of private and/ or public cloud as well as on-premise or hosted IT infrastructure.

Experienced in helping Australian organisations execute on their digital transformation and multi-cloud strategies, we offer public, private and hybrid cloud managed services, cloud migration, cloud optimisation, cloud governance and compliance, cloud security and multi-cloud network services. We also support cloud-based workplace modernisation applications including Microsoft Office 365.

To learn more about our services and solutions, talk to a cloud expert about the ideal cloud services environment for your organisation. We can help you make the most informed choice and implement the perfect solution for your needs.

Case Studies on our Cloud Services

See how we’ve transformed the IT environment of clients by reading case studies on our cloud services. Examples include:

  • Brightside adopting a multi-cloud strategy to become more agile, more resilient and less invested on capital-intensive infrastructure.
  • SSP utilising Interactive’s Private Cloud for an elastic cloud platform to give them a competitive edge.
  • Illion meeting the growth in market demand for its data and analytics services by migrating to Interactive’s Private Cloud environment. 

Contact Us to Learn More

To help you make sense of the different cloud services and solutions available, contact our cloud experts now for more information and advice on the best options available for your business to optimise your IT environment.