Data Migration Strategy

Data Migration Strategy

The transfer of data baring systems is an intimidating, high risk initiative for any business.

Avoid costly downtime, data corruption or loss

Cloud migration, data centre relocation and the upgrading of systems are important business initiatives, however, they often trigger the need to undertake a data migration. Without a proper strategy, there is a high risk that during the process of transferring data between systems and formats, that data can become corrupted, lost or compatibility issues emerge.

Avoid costly downtime by trusting your data migration strategy to the experts at Interactive.

What we offer

Whether you’re relocating data centres or migrating to the cloud, Interactive has the experience and specialists to guide you through your migration to ensure your data remains secure in transit and at rest.

Cloud adoption and migration

With over 200 cloud certifications across our cloud team, we’ve developed rigorous methodologies and automated tools for every phase of your cloud migration – from assessments through to post-migration audits and optimisation services.

With Interactive, you trust that your data will be migrated will skilled hands.

Data centre relocation

Find out why the best choose the best for their data centre relocation projects. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures your data will be migrated securely and that you can resume business operations in record time.

Network maintenance

Controlling your data means controlling every touchpoint it flows through. With Interactive hardware maintenance, you don’t just secure 2-hour onsite IT hardware support, you also regain control of who accesses your infrastructure from its’ in-support lifecycle to secure decommissioning.
Our NPS score leads the industry

Secure, compliant

The vendor of choice for regulated industries. ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Data Security accredited, and PCI DSS compliant.

Rapid response

Our helpdesk is here to support you 24/7. We answer calls within 6 seconds and will have you on the phone with your dedicated engineer within 10 minutes.

Fixed price, fixed outcome

Reduce uncertainty and deliver your cloud projects on budget with fixed price migrations.

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