How to master public cloud security for your business
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How to master public cloud security for your business

Find out the 3 key actions you can do to improve your public cloud security.
Published on
August 12, 2021

A shifting landscape can lead to security compromises

To enable changes in their business models, many businesses have made the jump to public cloud but now is the time for organisations to take a step back and fully understand the division of security responsibilities.

Since 2020, there has been rapid adoption of public cloud to allow businesses to pivot strategically. The common factor driving public cloud adoption is speed to market, however, this approach can often be the root of many long-term issues for the business.

The failure to plan can result in a loss of governance resulting in a poor security posture. Like many things in business, investing in some strategic planning upfront can pay big dividends over the course of the project. Public cloud is no different.

Ready, fire, aim: The importance of planning before execution

To help you create a more robust security posture, protect your organisation from threats and save you valuable time, our experts have created a three-point framework that steps you through a logical sequence of decisions, policies and actions for better public cloud security.

Step 1:

Understand and define the ‘shared responsibility’ between your organisation and your provider

Step 2:

Document and distribute governance policies and procedures for all roles and organisations, covering most expected scenarios

Step 3:

Configure and assign monitoring and access controls for the infrastructure in order to make governance both efficient and transparent


Master your public cloud security by accessing our full 3-point framework for free. Click the ‘Download’ button and start today.

Download our guide and master your public cloud security.

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