Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection

Protect your organisation’s data to safeguard against accidental deletion, corruption and malicious attack. Interactive’s next-gen data protection solution, powered by Metallic, provides enterprise-grade backup and recovery technology.

Are you protecting your data across all business platforms?

Many customers believe that cloud service providers are responsible for both administering their tools and protecting the data created and stored within them. However, the majority follow a shared responsibility model, putting the onus on the customer.

Backed by decades of data protection experience and the latest technologies, we offer a low cost and scalable solution.

Enhanced Security

Secure data with industry leading compliance standards such as ANAB, FIPS 140-2, AICPA SOC, ISO-2007, PCI-DSS.

Faster Onboarding

Start protecting your data within days rather than months using the SaaS based platform.

Cost Reductions

Reduce your TCO, spend and pay for only what you need.

Scalable Services

An elastically scalable service with a model to suit your business needs.

Onshore 24/7 Support

Your Interactive team is Australian-based with decades of Data Protection, DR and BC experience.

Let us protect and retain your critical data with secure quick access anywhere


Why Cloud Data Protection with Interactive?

  • Spend less upfront and scale to suit your business needs
  • Backup and recover your data in cloud, on-premise and remote locations ​
  • Protect your data locally and offsite ​with an isolated and air-gapped solution
  • Protect your data with encryption at source, in-flight and at rest ​
  • Optimize your storage and archiving at scale through our storage platforms ​
  • Achieve long term extended retention beyond traditional limitations
  • Meet SLA and compliance requirements with dedicated controls

What workloads can we protect?

You can backup multiple workloads from a diverse range of sources

VM & Kubernetes

Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Kubernetes


Azure (SQL, Managed SQL, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MariaDB, CosmosDB), Amazon (RDS, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Redshift), Microsoft SQL, Oracle RAC, SAP HANA

File and Object

Microsoft Windows Server, Linux/Unix, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, Amazon S3, Oracle Cloud Storage

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Exchange Online, Office 365 Sharepoint, Office 365 OneDrive, including protection for associated identity services such as Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales CRM, Marketing CRM, Customer Service CRM, Field Service CRM


Sales Cloud, Financial Cloud, Service Cloud, Health Cloud

Shared Responsibility Model

The cloud service provider is responsible for the infrastructure and underlying services of their SaaS applications, while the customer is always responsible for protecting their data. This includes data entering, living in, and leaving the system.
of M365 users have no data protection

Trusted Australia wide by over 2,000 businesses.

Granular and rapid data recovery

A rich data index enables rapid identification of data to speedy recovery through granular restores

Rapid cloud deployment

Experience the power of a SaaS solution to reduce lengthy deployment cycles to be up and running in no time

Air-gapped immutable storage

Metallic Cloud Storage service protects against ransomware using secure, air-gapped and immutable copies of your data

Flexible storage for your SaaS workloads

Metallic cloud storage gives you flexible storage for your SaaS workloads without egress or file accumulation costs

Hardened security 

Metallic leverages a hardened, multi-layered approach to data protection, safeguarding against various types of threats

Comprehensive Coverage

Protect a of broad range IaaS and PaaS workloads, with a single pane of glass management spanning on-prem and cloud native environments

We know our stuff.

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Let us protect your data now.

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