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Rebuild, reimagine, recover:

Not surprisingly, the impact of Covid-19 was a major theme throughout the sessions. Helping businesses rebuild, reimagine and recover is high on the agenda for Microsoft.

For Dan and Leon this bodes well for Australian businesses who no longer have the big capex budgets and are instead focussing on optimising their opex spend.

New emerging business themes:

Although there were plenty of product and feature announcements, the emerging business trends that were flagged offered the most food for thought.

  • Corporate responsibility, specifically around sustainability and diversity featured strongly in the key-note tracks and break outs sessions.

“It was great to see the conversation elevated to the higher purpose of how the Microsoft eco-system, and IT functions in general, can provide value in a different way and help get the economy back on track post Covid” Dan Cox

  • Businesses that can successfully ‘humanise’ their brand are seeing greater market penetration and customer loyalty. Dan and Leon chat through some of the ways businesses can build trust and find an authentic voice.


  • The democratisation of technology is resulting in different purchasing behaviours and buying cycles for business. Leon explains further this new procurement model and the technology that sits behind it.

Take aways for Australian businesses:

  • Helping businesses innovate is fundamental to Microsoft’s purpose and there was a lot of focus on how this translates into industry-specific solutions – notably for retail, healthcare and financial services. Dan and Leon examine what’s going on for Aussie retailers right now and how Microsoft’s Azure stack can help in that space.
  •  The Azure Migration Program was referenced throughout the event. Their further investment to boost the funding model is good news for Australian businesses looking to make the transition to Azure.

“For Australian businesses looking to innovate and move workloads to Azure, Microsoft’s funding models take away some of the financial strain. Working with a partner like Interactive can unlock those financial incentives and minimise risk” Leon Scott 

  • As expected, AI was a hot topic. Although not entirely convinced on the suggestion that ‘every business should be an AI business’, Dan offers some practical advice on how businesses can get started down the AI path.

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