Amity College: From chalkboard technology to cloud optimisation
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Amity College: From chalkboard technology to cloud optimisation

Amity College needed a partner to help navigate its digital transformation journey to manage the increase in online learning and strengthen the quality-of-service delivery to its staff and students.
Published on
April 24, 2023

Customer overview


Unlocking the future for a growing school

Amity College is a leading K-12 educational institution which has rapidly grown over the past 20 years to meet the increasing demand of Australia’s multicultural community. It operates from three campuses in NSW, with a fourth campus scheduled to open in 2024.

At the heart of Amity College lies a robust community and value system, coupled with a well-rounded curriculum that caters to the academic, social and emotional needs of all its students. In line with its strategic plan for the next five years, the school aims to prepare its students with the necessary skills to navigate life beyond the school gate.

Business challenges


IT infrastructure couldn’t keep up with an influx of new enrolments

In 2022, Amity College partnered with, Interactive to provide hardware maintenance support. A number of the school’s devices had exceeded their warranty period and as such, the college was in need of a partner who could extend the lifespan of their infrastructure.

Amity College’s growth and innovation were also being hindered by aging, unreliable hardware and an outdated server infrastructure that was quickly running out of storage capacity. With the impending launch of a new campus in 2024 and an increase in student enrolments, Amity College required an urgent expansion of its digital capacity.

We were faced with obsolete technology that was standing in the way of our future,” said Shailesh Singh, ICT Director, Amity College.

It was clear that we needed to make some significant changes to our digital infrastructure if we wanted to continue growing as a school.




Amity College partnered with Interactive to migrate on-premises infrastructure to the cloud

Interactive delivered new infrastructure, improved network connectivity, optimised data management and storage, updated software and security features. This was achieved with a combination of lift-and-shift and rebuild treatment types. This process typically takes up to six months, Interactive delivered the program within two months.

Interactive took care of everything and the migration was seamless,” Mr Singh said. “The team deployed the infrastructure very efficiently and transformed our digital capabilities faster than we expected.

The migration to the cloud has streamlined the schooling experience for students and staff, without compromising on quality-of-service. The new digital workplace has enabled teachers and students to access resources and collaborate more effectively. The artificial intelligence (AI) integrations make reporting a seamless exercise, while the smooth Learning Management Service (LMS) gives students the foundation needed to learn at their best.

Interactive has been instrumental to post-migration optimisation, liaising with Amity College partners and vendors to obtain excellent results for Amity. Extending its support into implementing increased security measures to protect the school’s sensitive data. The migration made school operations run safer, faster and more affordable and resulted in cost optimisations.



Amity College is providing the school community with the resources to continue being a leader in education

Amity College was struggling with outdated hardware that was causing slowdowns across all school functions before the migration. With limited bandwidth being fought over by students, teachers and staff, the server was on the brink of failure. This single point of failure could have caused significant issues for the school, making it impossible for Amity College to meet existing and future usage demand.



Since the migration, the new infrastructure has improved the school’s network speed and reliability, resulting in quicker access to data and resources. The new platform has also significantly decreased the risk of security breaches and cyber-attacks, providing the school administration with peace of mind.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of having a robust digital infrastructure to support in-person teaching, and schools have since been seeking ways to incorporate this technology into their standard learning practices. Interactive played a vital role in post-migration optimisation, working with Amity College’s partners and vendors to achieve excellent results for the school and maintain its competitive edge.


Key benefits 

  • Seamless transition to the cloud 
  • Integrated security infrastructure 
  • Improved stability and storage solution 
  • Scalable for any organisational growth 
  • Cost optimisation 

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