RBC Group: Channeling the power of partnership
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RBC Group: Channeling the power of partnership

A strategic partnership with Interactive empowers the RBC Group to expand their service offerings to include data centre hosting, business continuity, hardware maintenance, and cyber security services.
Published on
May 30, 2022

Customer overview

RBC Group

Recognised as one of Australia’s largest independent privately owned Technology Integrators, RBC Group (RBC), has been in operation for more than 47 years. RBC is 100% Australian owned and operated, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Having pivoted from operating as a traditional printing company to a technology service provider 15 years ago, RBC now specialises in managed IT services, printer fleet supply and management, and automated document management systems.


Key benefits

  • IT services expanded 
  • Value alignment 
  • National footprint 
  • Trusted technology partnership 

Business challenge

Growth strategy

RBC’s vision is to be an innovative and trusted partner who delivers experience as a service to small-to-medium business (SMB) clients who are looking for a competitive advantage.

RBC needed to expand their small managed IT service offering to encompass every element of IT. While eager to accelerate their transformation, RBC recognised they required skills and expertise beyond their current capabilities. It was time to shift away from a supplier relationship approach for cloud services and instead embrace the opportunity for a new strategic partnership.

General Manager of RBC Group, Michael Manton, explains, “We’ve got a lot of growing to do and we viewed this partnership as an opportunity to learn. That’s something we see as really important to our development and growth”.

Shared philosophy

Understanding the importance of education for growth, RBC needed a partner that not only aligned with their core values, but also represented the kind of Australian owned business they were aspiring to be.

Michael said, “Our alignment with Interactive will see two strong market performers develop a shared vision of humanising technology. It’ll enable RBC Group to deliver a broader service offering at a premium level to the Australian marketplace, with the combination of technology experts with diverse skill sets and industry experience”.


Compatible offerings

Interactive has been operating 100% Australian owned and run data centres for more than 20 years, with the addition of cloud services since 2008.

This offered RBC an enhanced level of readily available enterprise cloud services for their SMB clients. With cloud services to be delivered from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, Interactive’s offerings provided RBC with the scale and reach they required for their planned growth that their previous provider was unable to offer. Excited by the prospect of Interactive’s large national footprint, RBC moved hundreds of virtual servers from the competitor’s cloud, into Interactive’s private cloud.

X marks the spot

Evolving into consultative business partners and strategic advisors, the partnership complements both RBC and Interactive’s service offerings, providing exciting new opportunities for both organisations. While RBC leverages Interactive’s service offerings for a holistic approach to customer solutions, Interactive is growing their customer base.

It’s just that perfect crossover in the middle really. We really see this as a partnership where we can bounce off each other and really leverage one another’s business models to improve both our offerings,” said Michael.


Co-innovating for growth

With a bright future ahead, the partnership has blossomed.

Key insight “Thanks to our partnership with Interactive, we’ve been able to further expand our managed IT business, growing more than 40% in 2021 alone.”

- Michael Manton, General Manager of RBC Group

Described as being the most significant partnership in RBC’s 47-year history, Michael explains true value of partnership collaboration, “We currently have a five-year plan and goals that we’d like to achieve. My partners and I know it’s easy to get a bit static in your vision, so it’s great to be aligned with somebody who’s gone through that process, those growing pains – to understand the mistakes you made and what they did to fix them,” said Michael.

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