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What are the options for keeping your EMC VNX supported?

With Interactive's no EOSL promise, eliminate pressure to replace your storage array when it's still fit-for-use in your business.

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Maximise your investment

In a time where you’re expected to minimise capex and control IT costs, with Interactive you have the peace of mind you don’t have to go EOL if this doesn’t suit the needs of your business.  We don’t sell hardware. Our single-minded focus is on maintaining it for as long as you need. We invest 10’s of millions of dollars every year buying every piece of equipment your ecosystem may need. We test them on arrival then store them in our state-of-the-art facilities across Australia and NZ. You decide when your hardware should be decommissioned and we support it until you tell us otherwise.


Control cost with no compromise on service

Switching to a more cost-effective third party maintenance support contract doesn’t mean you should compromise on service. Our 24/7 support desk is Australian based, our engineers are full-time employees (not contractors), and they’re dedicated to your account for continuity and infrastructure knowledge when you need it most. Our best-in-class SLAs (10 min call back, 2 hours on site) means ‘onsite with parts’. We don’t attempt to remote diagnose, we show up with parts in hand, and we stay until the problem is fixed. And for genuine transparency and flexibility we can charge monthly, rather than annually.


The technical expertise you need

We already have a large number of VNX 5100 and 5300’s under support for various customers across Australia and NZ. With more 32 years of industry leading experience, our processes are tried and proven. More than 240 certifications for our passionate team across core vendors, 100% spare parts guarantee no matter where you are and dedicated engineers delivering first time resolution of 96% – you receive the support you need, even when the manufacturer is no longer investing in maintaining this equipment.

End of Service Life: it’s not a Terminal Diagnosis


You may have received notification that your VNX 5100 and VNX 5300 will reach their End of Support Life on 31st December 2020
Even though you may have had this asset for a while now; it doesn’t mean upgrading is simple. An announcement of EOSL can often come at an inconvenient time, with unscheduled resources required to manage a transition, no matter whether it’s a server, storage or network related. And it’s not always a simple transactional fix.


Read our guide on other factors you should be considering when any part of your existing infrastructure is declared EOL/EOSL


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How we help
Lifecycle Support

Lifecycle support

Choose from support levels to suit different infrastructure – with SLAs of up to 2 hours onsite, 24/7
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Local support

Our 24/7 Australian-based Service Desk answers within seconds and your engineer calls back within 10 minutes – so we’re always ready to take action, no matter when you need us
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Dedicated engineers

Your assigned Interactive engineers become familiar with your people and technology environment – gaining detailed knowledge of your network and business

Genuine EMC Parts

You receive genuine VNX parts, along with technical and on-site support for EMC
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100% Parts Guarantee

We offer a 100% parts availability guarantee. We test all incoming parts, storing them for your supported systems in state-of-the-art local facilities according to best practice
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100% Australian Owned

Australian’s largest multi-vendor network services and management provider – over 80 parts depots and 150+ engineers across AU & NZ
Who we help
One of Australia’s top ten retailers with 10,000 stores in over 19 countries

“It’s clear the Interactive business takes hardware maintenance seriously and eats, sleeps and breathes customer service.”

“Knowing we have a support partner who can respond quickly with parts on hand for our devices gives us the peace of mind to focus on other areas of our business.”

Reyner Stephens, National IT Director
ALDI Australia

Speak to an Interactive expert who can quote you on VNX beyond EOSL support.

Get a no obligation estimate on support packages for 5100 & 5300 to eliminate the stress and pressure of the pending EOSL date this December.