Keeping Your Cloud Journey On Track

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen many Australian organisations making a dramatic shift to the cloud, moving a significant proportion of their workloads. Many organisations needed a way to support remote working and cloud platforms are a strong enabler for this need. The increasing shift to the cloud is also driving OPEX benefits through reduced administration or capital costs, which in turn can help organisations’ short-term balance sheets.

While cloud adoption has been a growing trend for a number of years, COVID-19 has dramatically steepened the curve. However, once our lives and our businesses return to the ‘new normal’ of the post-pandemic world, it is going to be important for organisations to go back to their original cloud roadmap and reassess their strategy. Some of these short-term benefits from moving workloads to the cloud will disappear if broader economic, operational, governance and technical considerations are not factored into the equation.

Your customers demand more cloud-enabled experiences. Your business leaders want the latest cloud applications; your developers want new cloud-native tools to deliver software faster; and your tech managers need cloud infrastructure platforms to run it all. You’ll only realize these benefits with a pragmatic cloud computing roadmap.

This report makes the case for infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to take the wheel and build a comprehensive yet achievable cloud roadmap that recognizes the needs of all stakeholders.


Key Takeaways


1. You Need A Cloud Computing Roadmap

Cloud services are powering significant change within larger digital transformation efforts at multiple levels within the enterprise. Without a unified roadmap to guide and govern your use of cloud services, such broad disruption will create chaos.

2. Strike The Right Balance For Stakeholders

Everyone wants to move faster. Beyond that, business leaders, developers, and tech managers have very different demands, concerns, constraints, and expectations of cloud services. Know your stakeholders and make them happy by enabling multiple paths to the same destination without introducing too much friction.

3. I&O Pros Should Be In Charge Of TheRoadmap

Regardless of who buys, downloads, signs up for, or creates a cloud app or platform in the first place, eventually, tech management will have to monitor, secure, optimize, and upgrade it.


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