About Interactive

We are 650 innovative and hard-working people who form one unified team. We are the tried and tested force enabling businesses to continue to move forward and grow. We hold their most important data, support their critical devices and secure their systems, allowing them to focus on their business. In simple terms, our customers trust us.

We are an IT company and we keep technology human.


Our Purpose


People are at the centre of Interactive. While we are built on a foundation of technical expertise, we are made great by our teams’ innovative thinking and passion for what we do. We make it our business to connect with our customers and take pride in delivering meaningful solutions every day. It is these differences that make us a partner for our clients and not just an IT company.


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An active doing word. All about being consistent and constant. It’s four simple letters that hold us all accountable, every day.


It’s what we are proud to do, but it’s not our singular reason to be here. This is our secret weapon. It’s about how we do what we do.


It’s who we are; We are all about customer intimacy and professional connections. We are people creating solutions for people.

To see why and how we do it

We are Australia’s largest privately-owned IT Services provider

Founded in 1988 by Richard Light and Murray Major, Interactive Pty Ltd was established to provide hardware maintenance for IBM mid-range and mainframe computer equipment. One contract turned into ten and the evolution of Interactive had begun in earnest. Our staff and our services expanded year on year to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. From our roots in hardware maintenance, we have delivered profitable growth every year since inception. Today we are a multi-service IT provider and have grown to become Australia’s largest privately owned IT Services company.

As we move into our 33rd year in business, we continue to evolve our services and our company. From exploring the opportunities of a connected Health environment, to delivering advanced cybersecurity protection for clients in the finance, retail and manufacturing industries; our depth of experience, ability to configure our services to best meet a customer need and, most of all, our ability to keep technology human stand us in good stead to reach our goal of being the most customer intimate IT provider in Australia & New Zealand.

What we do

So what exactly do we do? When it comes to explaining our projects, we think in terms of what we enable:

  • We ensure Saputo can produce and deliver 50% of Australian milk products each day
  • We guarantee City West Water can supply 93 billion litres of drinking water to Melbournians
  • We support NSW Ambulance Service to ensure ambulances are in the right place at the right time, keeping us safe
  • We ensure every McDonald’s restaurant in Australia (with our partner Telstra) can get orders in (& the food out!)
Five Interactive Team Members At BBQ

Giving Back

Beyond our staff and clients, we value the communities in which we live and work. We believe in giving back where possible and reducing the impact of our activities on the planet.

By aligning with the interests and passions of our people, we are able to work collaboratively on sustainability, inclusion and diversity, indigenous and mental health.

We recognise that IT has a significant environmental footprint and that is why we are the first company of our kind to join RE100 and commit to 100% renewable power by 2025. Each of us shares a commitment to living sustainably and we are proud to leave the world better than we found it.

We consciously only partner with suppliers who do good. Organisations like Supply Nation, who promote Indigenous businesses; Simply Cups, for 100% recycling of our coffee cups from our much-loved baristas; and those who abide by our Partner Code of Conduct to eliminate modern slavery.

Our ‘Blueprint for Better’ program provides opportunity for us to use our skills in areas of need locally and globally. We view our sustainability strategy as being about a “Better You”, “Better Business”, “Better Community” and “Better Planet”. By giving voice to our team in each of these areas, they are able to advance their passions in reducing the cycle of inequality, developing carbon-neutral or negative data services, committing to a more sustainable environmental footprint or simply providing technology skills for some of our partner organisations.

In 2020 we are proud to be supporting charities with their endeavours to make the world a better place and we are excited to be able to contribute to their amazing work.

People we work with