Dignified care in the digital age: Technology in the Aged Care sector

Dignified care in the digital age: Technology in the Aged Care sector



Australia is facing the imminent challenge of an aging population. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that by 2066, 25 per cent of our population will be over the age of 65. We urgently need to consider how our aged care industry will need to expand and adapt to this massive demographic shift, and the answer may lay in technology. 

Technology is revolutionising aged care by driving improvements in compliance, customer experience, and digital health analytics. By embracing innovative solutions, aged care providers can enhance the quality of care, promote resident well-being, and adapt to the evolving needs of an aging population. In an increasingly digital healthcare landscape, the role of IT in aged care is essential for meeting the evolving needs of aging populations and delivering high-quality care services. 

Digitisation of aged care

According to SOFIHUB, approximately 90 per cent of aged care beds in residential facilities now use digital information systems to manage medication regimens, clinical information, and overall resident management. With this rise in digital integrations, compliance and regulatory requirements are front of mind for many aged care providers.  

Compliance with regulatory standards and protocols is a cornerstone of the aged care sector. Technology has introduced sophisticated solutions that streamline compliance processes, minimise errors, and enhance transparency. Electronic health record (EHR) systems, for example, enable care providers to maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation while ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. Additionally, automated monitoring systems help track medication administration, ensure compliance with care plans, and promptly identify any deviations, thereby mitigating risks and improving overall quality of care. 

Central to aged care is the delivery of high-quality, personalised services that cater to the unique needs and preferences of residents. Technology has transformed the customer experience by introducing innovative solutions that enhance communication, engagement, and social interaction. Digital platforms and mobile applications facilitate seamless communication between residents, their families, and care providers, fostering greater connectivity and empowerment. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies offer immersive experiences that stimulate cognitive function and provide recreational opportunities, enriching the lives of elderly individuals in care facilities – but these technologies require significant investment in both infrastructure and support. 

Technology and health

Predictive analytics tools enable early detection of health issues, allowing care providers to intervene proactively and prevent adverse events. Moreover, real-time monitoring systems provide valuable feedback on patient status, enabling timely adjustments to care plans and interventions, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for residents. Advanced analytics platforms leverage big data and machine learning algorithms to analyse vast amounts of health information, uncover actionable insights, and facilitate informed decision-making. 

Data security is also front of mind for aged care providers. SOTI’s research reveals data breach statistics, as 78 per cent of global healthcare providers offering frontline services have reported at least one breach since 2021. 

Working with Homestyle

With the complexities of managing multiple facilities and the increasing demand for seamless communication and data sharing among staff, residents, and families, aged care organisations face distinct challenges that require specialised IT support. 

Interactive provides 24/7 support services tailored to the needs of aged care organisations such as Homestyle, including mobile device management and backup and disaster recovery services. Before partnering with Interactive, Homestyle was using pen and paper to track important aged care data – leading to issues such as misplaced notes and transcription errors. Interactive was instrumental in shoring up the provider’s infrastructure and providing always-on support. 

This round-the-clock assistance ensures that critical systems remain operational and accessible at all times, supporting uninterrupted care delivery and administrative functions.  

Given the vital nature of healthcare operations, the availability of reliable IT support is essential for maintaining patient safety and operational continuity, especially in emergency situations.  

Interactive offers invaluable assistance to aged care providers at all stages of their IT journey. Whether seeking to transition to the public cloud, or looking for a cyber security solution, Interactive has extensive experience working within the complex regulatory and governance frameworks of aged care.  

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