Private Cage

Private Cage

Private and customisable data centre environments that give you total control over your business needs.

Customisable private cage data centre solutions

Private cages in a data centre allow you to gain total control over your solution with customisable racks, customisable security systems and access to experts who can work with you to build the exact solution your business needs.

A private cage also means complete privacy. No one, but those you authorise, gain access.

In heavily regulated industries, access control systems can be key to compliance requirements. Interactive's private cage solutions allow for tailored builds to meet any regulatory standards. Our data centre sites are PCI compliant, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, and we have a team of experts able to consult on solutions to meet your requirements.


We have been providing data centre solutions to Australia's biggest brands for more than 30 years. Across the country, our experts enthusiastically craft custom solutions that empower our customers to thrive.

Secure 24/7

Not only do we have around the clock security on your data centre, we also have physical security, CCTV and swipe card only access at every door to ensure only authorised personnel get anywhere near your data.


Our data centre site locations are all ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited and compliant with industry regulations, such as APRA and ASIC.

Completely customisable

We build your data centre your way. You have total say in everything from rack size to power, cooling and security systems. Whatever you need, our highly skilled engineers will recommend and build a data centre solution dedicated to your exact needs.

Enhanced security

As a standard, we employ CCTV cameras and proximity access card readers at all entry points, but we have more up our sleeves for those who need it. Enhanced security features help you gain total control over your data centre environment. We can equip your private cage with bespoke security systems and implement your own security policies, including controlled policies for Tech Hands services.

Total privacy

Our private cages allow you to maintain your competitive edge by protecting your intellectual property. Private cages keep prying eyes away from your hardware solution, to help you maintain any critical advantages over your competition.

Dedicated performance reports

Beyond your private cage infrastructure, you will have access to regular and detailed reports that keep you up to date on how your data centre is performing. Your report covers aspects such as temperature, power, physical access, rack elevation diagrams, CMDB for asset lifecycle tracking, and a complete cabling matrix in a live representation of your cage.

Flexible power consumption

Private cage solutions allow you to utilise different power consumption models, such as power as a pass-through. This solution may be the most effective way to drive efficiency around your energy costs.
Actual uptime

Your data. Secured.

Private, customisable, data centre environments that give you total control over your business needs.

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