Want to keep local data close? Secure, powerful and designed to blend into the modern office, EdgeRack offers the perfect ‘data centre in a box’ solution.

Experience the benefits of edge computing.

Edge computing brings computation and data storage in closer proximity to the physical location where it is needed. The biggest benefit to businesses is the ability to process and store data faster, enabling more efficient performance of real-time applications that are critical to companies. Think ‘live security camera feeds’, or ‘IoT devices’.

Latency issues for these types of devices can cripple an organisation.

The amount of data that needs to be processed centrally or in a cloud-based location is also reduced, allowing sensitive data to stay on-premises and reducing the bandwidth requirements (and cost!) for cloud hosting. With EdgeRack, you can experience the benefits of edge computing without the costs of building a dedicated server room.

A no-compromise, high powered solution


IT load supported




Rapid on-site response

How does it work?

Designed with the form of office furniture but with the functionality of a data centre, the EdgeRack is provided ‘as a service’ for a monthly fee which includes site inspection, delivery and installation. Installation is fast and saves your business the considerable costs of building and fitting out a dedicated server room.

Once you are set up and running, we’ll provide an annual preventative maintenance inspection, and you can contact us at any time via our 24/7 Australian-based service desk. We will be onsite within 2 hours to conduct comprehensive, onsite maintenance. The EdgeRack is designed to be a quiet and unobtrusive solution for any office environment.

Full-service offering

An all-inclusive monthly fee covers everything you need with no surprise costs. This includes a site inspection, delivery, installation and configuration. Additionally, we will conduct an annual inspection to conduct preventative maintenance. If you run into any problems, our 24/7 Australian-based service desk will organise an engineer to bring the parts and manage the repairs on-site within 2hrs
EdgeRack device


The Interactive EdgeRack can be deployed anywhere with a network connection, whether it’s your office, reception or a storage room. Designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, EdgeRack is easily manoeuvrable and has been designed to suit modern office aesthetics. Soundproofing ensures any noise is below ambient office level.

Compliant, powerful & secure

Edge computing doesn’t mean you need to compromise on power.

Features of EdgeRack include:
• Integrated ventilation fans to support up to 2.4kW thermal load
• Two power distribution units with 31 x C13 & 2 x C19 outlets
• 3kVa UPS with monitoring card and common alarms
• External UPS maintenance bypass
• 24 x 7 remote 3G monitoring of internal temperature

Ready to gain a powerful competitive advantage?

Start experiencing the benefits of edge computing today.

Are you ready to experience a

higher standard of service?

We can tailor rack space to almost any requirement.
Our services cover all aspects of the data centre lifecycle.
Geographically diverse locations to ensure business resilience.

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