Multi-Cloud migration doesn’t need to be complex

Interactive can help ensure a simple, straightforward and secure migration to any cloud.


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60% of Australian IT leaders flag unexpected costs as their top cloud migration challenge

Pressure is mounting for business to stay relevant and get ahead. Migrating to cloud brings with it many benefits including flexibility, scalability, resilience and innovation. Reducing CapEx and OpEx should be right up there too.

However, without careful planning the promised land can be easily missed with many businesses failing to realise the full benefit or experiencing a higher than expected cost of cloud operations post migration.

Cloud migration with minimal uncertainty and maximum return

Interactive can help at every step – from helping you evaluate different clouds, advising on your cloud migration strategy, to successfully and securely migrating your workloads to the environment that’s right for you and then providing on-going management and support as you benefit from the cloud.

Application Led

Cloud migration plans that match your applications to best fit cloud platforms, be that private, public or hybrid.


Private cloud heritage combined with public cloud expertise. Technical capability to match your multi-cloud needs.

Fixed Price

Reduce uncertainty and bring your cloud projects in on budget with fixed price migrations.

Five Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

You have decided to make a move to the cloud. You may have even chosen the platform provider you think is right for your business, but did you know that certain applications run better in certain clouds? That different cloud platforms have different ways of charging and some charge significantly more than others. How do you get your data into the cloud and more importantly how do you get it out if you find the cloud platform you chose is not right for your workload?

Download our whitepaper and learn about the five essential steps to a successful cloud migration.


Customer Story: The transition to SaaS for SSP

SSP is a global provider of technology systems and solutions for the insurance industry aimed at enabling their customers to transform and increase their profitability. Hosted and managed in Australia, SSP offers disruptive digital insurance platforms for the general insurance industry.

In 2017, responding to growing industry demand, SSP launched a series of new cloud-based digital insurance products and chose Interactive’s Private Cloud platform and team to deliver these applications.


Talk to a cloud migration expert

If you’re looking to migrate any of your workloads to the cloud, the team at Interactive can help you define your approach and can manage the process for you – from start to finish.