Data Centre Checklist
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Data Centre Checklist

Selecting a data centre or colocation provider is a critical decision. Learn what questions to ask with our data centre checklist and know you've chosen the right provider for your business.
Published on
March 15, 2023

What is a data centre checklist?

When it comes to your organisation’s capacity to service customers or employees, and operate as efficiently and productively as possible, where and how you keep your data plays an essential role.

However, the reality remains that many companies haven’t got the right data centre set-up in place – either because they are underestimating their requirements or are paying too much for space and facilities that they don’t need.

Whether you’re reviewing your current data centre facility and infrastructure components, planning a data centre relocation, or preparing for a data centre migration, a checklist can help evaluate your potential data centre or co-location provider against key criteria.


Make it or break it – why choosing the right data centre provider is critical for success

When it comes to managing data centre operations, maximising availability is a top priority.

But with IT budgets shrinking by the second, organisations are under pressure to deliver maximum output for every dollar invested in their data centre.

To make matters worse, 51% of businesses are lacking the staff and resources to successfully deliver their IT initiatives.

Choosing the right data centre service provider is essential for any business and could be critical to its success.

But how do you know if you’ve chosen the right service provider that can provide efficient data centre operations, satisfy your business’ unique needs, and meet all the necessary regulatory requirements.

Interactive has been running data centres across Australia for more than 20 years. Providing a superior experience for our customers is important to us and that’s why our data centres are staffed 24×7 with highly skilled engineers ready to provide you support, technical advice, project management, remote hands and much more.

Looking to migrate data centres? Questions to ask:

Data centre migrations require planning, efficiency, and working cohesively. If you’re considering migrating your data centre, here are some important questions to ask potential data centre and co-location providers:

  • Is the facility managed and operated by the co-location provider?
  • How secure is the data centre?
  • What level of back-up/restore does the facility have?
  • What certifications and security accrediations does the centre have?
  • Are staff onsite 24/7/365?
  • Are technical staff available for support, including engineers?
  • Does the facility offer amenities such as break rooms, kitchen area, on-site bathroom, coffee stations etc?
  • Does the facility have disaster recovery options available?
  • Is there secure parking and/or access to public transit options?

Understand the key questions to ask your data centre or co-location provider by accessing the checklist for free.

Click the ‘Download Now’ button and gain expert advice in:

  •  100+  key questions to ask your data centre and co-location provider
  • A clear checklist to help you know you have chosen the right provider

Download Checklist

A tool to evaluate your data centre provider against 100+ key criteria questions.

Your trusted technology partner for secure, seamless, streamlined data centre operations.


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