Data Centre Asset and Inventory Management

Data Centre Asset and Inventory Management

Track, visualise and plan your data centre racks configuration and connection in one click.

Can you afford the cost of human error?

It’s human nature to make mistakes but when it comes to data centres, these errors can cost your business. Interactive Asset Inventory Management Service gives you complete oversight of your data centres assets and network set-up in a single platform, so you stay up-to-date with your changing IT environment.

Customisable dashboard

Track all your data centre assets across their lifecycle, access a catalogue of your serial numbers and device types, and instantly visualise your current usage.

Manage workflow

Assign tasks to your Interactive engineer.

Get proactive

Access a live representation of your network setup and physical hardware, allowing you to proactively plan for hardware refreshes and identify under-utilised systems or incidents.

Are you ready to work smarter?

Improve the efficiency of your data centre operations through intelligent technology.

Are you ready to experience a

higher standard of service?

We can tailor rack space to almost any requirement.
Our services cover all aspects of the data centre lifecycle.
Geographically diverse locations to ensure business resilience.
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