Managed SIEM

Rethink Cyber

We are humanising Cyber Security with our risk-based approach to help you deal with anything that comes your way.

The risks are mounting for everyone

Cyber threats are exploding in their volume, complexity and aggression.

The result? Burnt-out IT teams and concerned Boards demanding more information.

The traditional approach to security has been to start with the threats and build a response. However, this threat-based approach simply can't keep pace.

It's time for a Rethink.

Every 10 minutes
a cyber crime occurs.
Cyber crimes are on the rise, affecting every industry.
of organisations have a security skills gap.
There is a global cyber security skill shortage.
say it's impacting their ability to deliver security projects.
Cyber skill gaps are impacting businesses on meeting deadlines.

Rethink with a risk based approach

No one needs more cyber technology thrown at them. We take the time to understand your risks and develop a report to help you decide what to tackle first.

From a technical perspective, this means you can protect the areas of most value from advanced threats quicker, while working towards a sustainable, long-term cyber model.

Here is where we step in

There’s no ‘silver bullet’ to improving your organisation’s security. But endless rounds of consultations, workshops and technical meetings are not the solution either. All our engagements follow a clear set of steps and a validated methodology.

We take the time to understand and account for all aspects of your business with our risk and valued-based criteria.

Think your cyber security is up to scratch?

Now’s the time to rethink cyber with Interactive and Microsoft Sentinel

Why Microsoft Azure Sentinel?


return on investment in Microsoft Sentinel based solutions over 3 years


reduction in false positives


cost savings


reduction in investigation labour

Why work with us?

We take a pragmatic, yet rigorous approach to assessing and identifying weaknesses within your environment. We assess business risk using the NIST Framework and reporting is aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, conducting threat hunts to identity weakness while mapping your environment end-to-end. Giving you a concise blueprint to target the areas that matter most.

  • Rapid deployment

    Our team can get you up and running with 14 days, reducing your risk exposure quickly.

  • Rapid risk identification

    Leveraging threat intelligence, AI & ML to reduce noise and enable rapid real-time tuning to threats.

  • Scalable

    Scale security measures easily across cloud, on-premise, and at the edge to protect all people and processes.

  • Local

    Dedicated 24x7 Cyber Security Centre based onshore in Australia.

  • Flexible

    Modular service options are designed to give you flexibility.

A cyber security investment that pays-off at every level

Not only do we offer an intelligent, automated Sentinel solution that can deal with threats as they occur, we also focus on close working relationships to ensure cyber becomes a strategic priority embedded into your business processes.
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