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Data Centre Care & Management Services

Data Centre Care & Management to help businesses provide reliable services to their customers

Data centre management is designed to help businesses provide reliable services to their customers like using eCommerce platforms, banking or watching on-demand media. Interactive’s goal for each data centre infrastructure management is to achieve a 100% uptime.

We pride ourselves on providing a world-class customer service experience with our data centre maintenance staff being highly skilled engineers, technicians and IT specialists. Below is information on what we offer as part of our data centre management services and why you should choose us.

Interactive is the largest privately-owned data centre management service provider in Australia. We provide proactive services for your data centre (or server room) as well as critical infrastructures outside of the racks, such as power, cooling and monitoring. Our data centre infrastructure management includes:

Data Centre Management Services

With our experience and expertise in data centre maintenance, we always follow best practice procedures. Our data centre management services can include remote hands, maintenance of generators, cooling and fire systems, monitoring solutions, and even Edge Rack solutions. We can also help design, operate and support your internal data centre or server room.

Benefits of our data centre management services include:

  • One go-to maintenance provider for all of your data centre infrastructure
  • Improved data centre reliability
  • Ongoing access to data centre expertise and advice
  • 24/7 local Service Desk support

We know how important selecting the right data centre management service is so we’ve created this guide on how to select a data centre maintenance provider that includes the key things to consider.

Read the Animal Logic case study to see how we helped mitigate risk through the management and maintenance of their data centre.

Learn More About Our Data Centre Management Services

Talk to our Data Centre experts today if you would like to find out more about data centre infrastructure management and the data centre management services we can offer your business or organisation.