Why do you need a team you can count on in a disaster?
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Why do you need a team you can count on in a disaster?

Can you rely on your business continuity partners to get you through a disaster?
Learn why having a good team to support can make all the difference.
Published on
May 25, 2021

Are all business continuity partners considered equal?

Business continuity planning protects what matters most to companies and provides a sense of security for employees, stakeholders and customers.

However, planning is a small component of building a comprehensive business continuity plan. One of the most important things a company can do in protecting itself is select a provider that is right for their business.

When selecting a business continuity and data centre partner, it is important to evaluate all criteria including location, facility, and the provider’s experience and track record. However, one of the most overlooked but critical considerations is the providers team and company values. At the time of crisis, you hope the provider will be a reassuring presence for your team rather than adding tension to an already stressful time for your employees.

The team of experts

Our customers and partners value working with us because we do not hide behind technology. At Interactive, we believe in proactive care, every day and make sure the customer experience with our services is exceptional. We have spent many years ensuring our customers are well received and comfortable knowing they are in good hands.

“Our team members and senior management saw real benefit from spending time at interactive during the incident. They experience first hand the importance of a partner that could scale up to meet our changing needs…”

Sam Muir , Support Services Manger, Telstra Super

When you become an Interactive customer, you are first introduced to your dedicated account manager. She/he will take you for a facility tour and conduct an in-depth induction, so you are well acquainted with our site. Then you will meet your dedicated engineering team who will work with you to build a technically resilient backup solution tailored to your business. This solution includes the management of your disaster recovery network, PC image and telephony solution.

You are supported through a network of experts that will always assist you. At Interactive, our network will always collaborate and communicate to get the best service our customers need. The dedicated team of account managers, customer success managers and engineers are here to provide you with proactive care every day and will go above and beyond to help in a time of crisis.

Supporting your business during testing

Creating a business continuity plan is only the first step in developing a comprehensive policy – you must test it to ensure it covers all mission-critical operations.

At Interactive, we have made it easy for you to book in a test when it suits your team. We can provide different levels of testing, from a simple technical test to a full-scale disaster simulation. We pre-book a meeting with you to ensure we have all those details and are ready for you when you arrive. Your dedicated team will take care of all the heavy lifting. They will welcome you and your team and accompany you to the reception where our friendly staff will sign you in. Your account manager will then show you around the facility, so you and your team are comfortable for the entirety of the testing.

You will be introduced to your dedicated engineer who will assist you with any technical inquiries you may have throughout the testing. We ensure that we capture all the details of the test, including any risks, roadblocks and timings. We will then organise a post-test meeting to run through these details with you, for the purpose of improving and perfecting your business continuity solution.

If you prefer our high-availability serviced office solution, we ensure your day-to-day experience with us is just like you were at your own office.

24/7 Australian based help desk

When the unexpected happens and a disaster strikes, your call will be answered within 8 seconds by a member of our service desk team. They are based in Australia and operate 24/7/365 to ensure you are always covered. Our team of engineers and your account manager will be on-site preparing your environment and the facility to cater to your needs. At your arrival, you will have access to a dedicated engineer for 48 hours so you can be stress-free and focus on your team. You will be assisted and supported throughout the experience until you can securely go back to your office.

If you would like to learn more or book a tour of our facilities, feel free to reach out to our business continuity team.

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