Data Centre Migration And Top 4 Things To Consider
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Data Centre Migration And Top 4 Things To Consider

Find out our expert's top four things to do when relocating your data centre to ensure a seamless migration.

Start any relocation with thorough planning

In today’s information age, we are more reliant on access to digital data and information than ever before.

These need to be accessible 24/7 in secure and reliable environments, making data centres a hot commodity. As a result, these facilities are quickly reaching the limits of their capacity and outgrowing their existing requirements. The need to relocate to a facility that provides better power density and cooling becomes a viable option to maintain a growing business need.

Interactive has been coordinating data centre relocations for the best part of 10 years and Richard Le Voi, Data Centre Project Manager, has led these projects for the last 2 years there. In doing so, Richard has gained valuable insights into the most important aspects of managing data centre relocations ensuring the seamless migrations. He sat down with us and shared his thoughts on the top 4 must haves when planning any Data centre relocation.

1. Appoint a dedicated project manager.

A data centre migration includes many different teams working together, all focused on their unique part of the project. Hardware engineers, facilities managers, data centre engineers, and sensitive freight logistics will all be called on at different stages during the project. It is imperative that one singular person who knows exactly what’s going on in the relocation and can ensure accountability from the first site audit to the final cable being installed.

2. Create a virtual model of the new data centre.

A data centre migration is a high-risk operation. It requires optimal logistic, project management and multi-dimensional IT expertise. A virtual model of the new data centre (from as-built rack layout to definitive cable connectivity matrix) helps everyone align and makes sure all the different teams are on the same page. It’s the best time to do an in-depth audit and optimise installations to ensure hardware capacity growth and allowing for future expansion opportunities.

3. Label your equipment/cabling.

A good labelling system is one of the most important aspects of the project. Equipment that is labelled incorrectly or without enough detail can lead to the hardware being installed improperly or the wrong cables being used at the destination. A good labelling system should be easily understood by every member of the project team, and by utilising a unique identification number (barcode) for cables, you ensure that any future repatching doesn’t identify the wrong device it’s connected to.

4. Remember to focus on pre-migration hardware testing.

Prior to moving, it is critical to have power cycled all devices. While servers may be rebooted from time to time for patching, if a piece of equipment has never been shut down, it is a sure-fire way to run into a potential issue with restarting the device post-move. And always ensure you have notified your vendor support of the new location the equipment is moving to well in advance. The last thing needed is delays with spare parts being shipped to the old location.

Why a partner can assist you

Data centre migrations require planning, efficiency and working cohesively. As businesses move more of their operations are online, data centre migrations will become more common and it will be more important to get it right the first time.

Interactive has been running data centres across Australia for over 20 years. Providing a superior experience for our customers is important to us and that’s why our data centres are staffed 24×7 with highly skilled engineers ready to provide you support, technical advice, project management, remote hands and much more. With 6 data centres in Australia and access to a network of leading partners such as NextDC and Equinix, we can find a solution that fits.

Interactive’s technicians are ready help, letting you focus on what matters most to you – your business!

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