CRN The State of the MSP | Managed Infrastructure
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CRN The State of the MSP | Managed Infrastructure

Dan Cox, joins CRN to discuss the state of managed infrastructure in the year ahead.
Published on
April 24, 2023

The dawn of a new era

Dan Cox, General Manager, Digital Transformation, at Interactive, spoke on this year’s State of the MSP series about the future of managed infrastructure for Managed Service Providers. 


Dan discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning and how they have the potential to reshape MSP offerings, particularly focusing on mode three teams which in his view is the dawn of a new era for AI and machine learning.  

He talks through the importance of MSPs offering a service model which takes out the complexity, yet brings  business value in a simplistic way. Possibly the biggest takeaway from his discussion is the shift in the role of MSPs, with more MSPs moving into an advisory position due to the increased demands on infrastructure providers.  

See CRN’s entire State of the MSP series here:  

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