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Cisco FastResolve Support

  • Cisco support alternative
  • Multi-level, 24 hour support
  • Certified Cisco Engineers
  • Cisco TAC resources
  • 24/7 Service Desk support
  • End to end issue resolution

A Cisco Support Alternative

Interactive offers a cost effective support alternative to automatically purchasing Cisco SmartNet for business-critical Cisco devices. Our expert Cisco certified engineers provide multi-level 24x7 support and troubleshooting, including parts.

Our engineers have complete access to Cisco TAC resources (such as updates), and if required, Interactive can immediately escalate to Cisco TAC fourth level support.

Importantly, Interactive takes ownership of managing the end-
to-end issue resolution, regardless of what level of support
is required to address the problem.

How it works
Interactive will review your Cisco devices and support requirements, and provide you with a quote. Your support plan commences with your logging of a service call with our 24x7 Service Desk (first level support).

Our Service Desk will then assign your service call to an expert
engineer who will investigate your problem and solve it as soon
as possible (second level support).

If further investigation is required, then the issue is escalated to Interactive’s national Cisco Expert team for troubleshooting and resolution (third level support).

If our national Cisco Expert team cannot resolve the issue, we
will engage the Cisco TAC (fourth level support) to investigate and handle resolution.

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