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Why Interactive

We deliver a full range of network services from a variety of vendors so you can choose the combination that best suits you and receive a single invoice, have a single account manager and a single support number to call if something goes wrong.

That single number will be answered in our 100% Australian-based Service Desk. The same service desk that already supports over 2,500 customers across Australia and New Zealand. These customers enjoy the benefits of having every call answered in six seconds before being triaged by an experienced team of network and data centre engineers who will manage any escalations and vendor support that is needed to resolve your issue.

With our nearly 30 years of experience in data centre and network operations, we understand how critical these services can be and we bring this expertise to your network needs.


Multi-vendor, single service desk


100% local team


Custom designs, simple billing


When you have multiple locations or mobile and remote staff, choosing a telecommunications provider can be complex. Multiple vendors, multiple helpdesks, multiple links, and a myriad of SLAs all contribute to the cost and time needed to manage your communications needs.

By providing multiple vendors through a single Australian service desk, we can take the complexity from your telecommunications requirements and help you get back to what you do best – innovating and running your business.

Customised Solution

Different locations and different business requirements need a solution that is built to fit your needs. One size does not fit all, be it one vendor or one type of communications link, your business needs are constantly evolving, and your company needs a partner and a solution that can develop with you. 

From simple internet connectivity for your remote workforce, through to a fully-managed MPLS or IP-WAN solution, we can design, deploy, manage and support a solution that is built to suit your business, not just the vendor’s product set. 

Interactive for Telecommunications

With a 100% Australian Service Desk, supporting all our communications customers 24×7, we have the breadth of capability combined with the experience running our own datacentres and the communications needed to assist you navigate the many vendors, pricing tiers, link types, and connecting hardware that you will need to get the greatest benefit from your networking. 

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Our services

Futureproof your connectivity needs with Interactive's cutting edge suite of networking services.


Connect multiple offices or locations together with our highly available wide-area networks.

Ethernet Point-to-Point

Point to point data communication between two locations built over shared infrastructure.

Office Internet

Connect globally. Fast. Reliable business-grade internet access for your office.

IP Transit

Do it your way. Carrier-grade internet for enterprises with full BGP support.

Wavelength Ethernet

Fully managed uncontended bandwidth that allows you to scale up or down depending on business requirements. Perfect for Fibre Channel and SAN replication.

Dark Fiber

Dedicated physical fibre cable allowing you to link two locations. Run Ethernet, Fibre channel, or DWDM wavelengths of your own.


Future-proof your business with high-speed broadband connections.


Leverage the power of software to simplify the management of your Wide Area Network.

Rethink your Data Centre connectivity

Enterprise network technologies have evolved significantly over recent years. New needs for connecting remote Data Centres, Disaster Recovery sites and cloud service providers have seen many of our customers seeking high-performance internet and WAN links.

But how do you know you are getting the best deal on the specific services you need across the geography of your ICT infrastructure and business operations?

Read the article to learn how you can rethink your data centre connectivity to achieve greater flexibility and performance.

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