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Improving the security and resilience of your business through data-driven intelligence, built on a partnership of trust.


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Practical Steps to Safeguard Your Business

Latest government research from the Australian Cyber Security Centre reveal  most businesses know they are exposed to cyber security threats, however, are not sure how the underlying threats and vulnerabilities translate to risk for their unique business. There is no shortage of statistics pointing to the rise and increasing sophistication of cyber crime. What is actually needed are practical steps businesses can use to immediately reduce risk and then a clear path to security maturity.

How Interactive can help.

Interactive is a managed cyber-security service provider and security product development enterprise. Our aim is to improve customer security and resilience through data-driven intelligence, built on a partnership of trust.

We start by understanding the unique risk profile of your business and then apply best practice frameworks and industry expertise to pinpoint the vulnerabilities and threats that matter most. The result is a security solution tailored to your unique business, validation your security investment is reducing risk and a security roadmap aligned to your business objectives.

Whether you are new to cyber security, have had a recent security event or looking to outsource your cyber operations, Interactive can help.

To ensure you have a comprehensive line of defense Interactive offers Cyber Security Managed Service Solutions and Professional Services Solutions including Risk and Compliance Assessments as well as Cyber Security Manager-as-a-Service.


Cyber Security Managed Services

Interactive can assist with the heavy lifting when it comes to the "front line" support of Cyber Security. No matter your business priorities or where you are in your security journey, Interactive has developed a comprehensive portfolio of Cyber Security products and services to meet your needs.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)


Interactive’s MDR service uses deep insights into the end-point operating system, application and user behaviours to search for known and unknown threats. MDR examines end point activity at the process level to search for a wide range of attacker Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), alerting Interactive’s Australian-based 24×7 CSOC for triage, alerting and response.

Email Threat Protection (ETP)


Email Threat Protection is a cloud-based service designed to detect and block email-borne cyberattacks and protect you against accidental or intentional sharing of sensitive data via email. We address threats in three distinct zones; at your email perimeter, inside your network and organization and beyond your perimeter.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Our VMaaS solution identifies vulnerabilities present on assets within your network no matter if those assets are on premise or in-cloud. This is achieved through regular scanning of all provisioned assets present on your networks. Interactive will provide notification and recommendations of risks detected based on business criticality and severity.

Managed Azure Sentinel


We combine the AI and automation of Microsoft’s cloud-native SIEM, Azure Sentinel with our own 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Centre to help customers reduce security costs, reduce alert fatigue and false positives as well as improve the time between incident detection and response. Learn more now.


Cyber Security Operation Centre (CSOC)

Cyber Security Operations Centre helps our customers predict, detect and effectively respond to cyber security threats across their IT environments.

We support your people, processes and technology to identify and remediate specific key cyber risks and vulnerabilities, manage existing and emerging cyber security risks and threats. We achieve this by utilising highly skilled on-shore cyber analysts and having 24/7 eyes on glass to monitor, analyse and respond to events.

Offering a complete solution to protect your business

A system of two lines of defense to protect your business – Managed Services and Professional Services. These complement and strengthen each other – ensuring you have the best defense against any threats.

Both Managed and Professional Services to help customers reduce the effort and minimise the risk of managing cyber threats across all points of their IT environment.

The Interactive Approach:

Risk-Based  We understand your unique business context before deploying technology

Validation We are data driven to deliver value, accountability and actionalble insights

Human Element Our team of cyber security experts integrate seamlessly into your business.

Cyber Security Professional Services

Our Professional Services are designed to inform and execute your cyber strategy; we help you prioritise, comply, improve and respond to your cyber security risks. These services are there to complement our Managed Services and further help customers reduce the effort and minimise the risk of managing cyber threats across all points of their IT environment.



When a cyber event strikes your business, we help you contain the incident and investigate what happened. We provide you with a detailed independent report and, if requested, we can apply cyber forensic techniques to provide evidence admissible in court.

Cyber Threat Assessment

We assess and report on your security risks across your data network and we identify the behaviours of your users to help you understand the performance of your IT environment.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our cyber risk experts will identify and assess your cyber risks and vulnerabilities that exist in your IT environment. Working intimately with your teams and applying best practices we identify your cyber hot spots and recommend ways to reduce risks to your business.



We test the current defense of your IT environment (for example applications, end-points and web servers) with best practice tools and techniques to advise you on how real hackers can and will exploit your weaknesses.



A point in time scan of your IT environment using best practice tools and techniques to identify current vulnerabilities. .

Security Manager as-a-Service

Free up internal resources by leveraging the Interactive cyber experts to regularly perform risk assessments, audits, compliance reviews, security planning, and management reporting.

Has security become a board level discussion in your business?

With cyber attacks frequently making news headlines and company directors personally liable for data breaches, security is gaining increasing scrutiny at executive and board-level discussions.

Interactive can help you be on the front foot with your security strategy
Scenario 1:
I need to update the business on our security position, areas of exposure and advise prioritised steps for remediation.
How Interactive can help:


Through a Cyber Risk Assessment Interactive’s cyber risk experts identify and assess customer’s risks and vulnerabilities across their IT environment. ​

The engagement is tailored to each customer and starts with a co-design workshop and simulations.

Areas covered include:​

Identifying high risk critical assets across on-prem and cloud​

Compiling the enterprise cyber risk register​

Cyber Security Maturity and Risk Findings Report

Scenario 2:
I lack the internal cyber security resources to satisfy risk and compliance requirements.


How Interactive can help:


Security Manager service allows you to have a dedicated cyber security expert to assist you in conducting security audits and assessments. The duration of the engagement is tailored to each customer and can be spread over a term.

Areas covered include:​

Advice around cyber security governance and risk​

Compliance assistance to mature their cyber security program​

Articulating cyber security technology controls in a simple way

Information security gap audit and recovery roadmap development

Scenario 3:
Internal IT are accountable for managing cyber security and I need help to build a roadmap​.


How Interactive can help:


Cyber Threat Assessment Program assesses and provides targeted advice on your security risks across your network and identifies user behaviours that impact performance. We provide a non-biased assessment that doesn’t require a technical degree to understand.

Areas covered include:​

Assessment of the current environment and risks​

Recommendations for remediation in line with  strategy and priorities​

Mapping recommendations to reduce business impact in case of a breach


Meet Your Cyber Security Expert Team

Interactive constantly recruit train and develop the brightest minds in corporate-level cyber security.

Our approach is built on the belief we that you don’t need a tech-centric security solution. You need advanced technology that’s led by people – preferably the best people in the business. We’d like you to meet the people who make Interactive so effective.

Here are the people already working to identify and meet the next 8 trillion potential threats:

100% Australian Based

Our national team of cloud and cyber security experts are 100% onshore and available 24/7.

Knowledge Sharing

We don’t withhold IP or knowledge. Working with Interactive allows you to cross skill your team.

#1 Great Place to Work

Being voted the best place to work in Australia helps us attract and retain some of the best IT talent around.

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