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50% of Australian IT leaders flag lack of internal expertise as a significant cloud challenge


Cloud uptake was already moving quickly, but the arrival of Covid-19 meant many businesses have now rushed to cloud without planning properly. The majority of the Australian workforce is now working from home, at least in some capacity, meaning application access and security take on a different level of importance.

Many IT teams are struggling to manage increasingly complex and disparate infrastructure but by partnering with the team at Interactive, you can boost your security, cut your cloud costs and keep your people as efficient as possible.

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Mix and match service tiers to workloads and avoid paying for support you don’t need.

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Move your workloads from private to public cloud under the one managed service agreement.

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10 years managing the largest private cloud in Australia and certified public cloud experts

Resource: Why You Need a ‘Pit Team’ for your Public Cloud Services

Regardless of why or how fast you needed to migrate – putting your IT into the cloud can be like adding a new aerodynamic feature to a Formula1 car.

You have to keep testing, enhancing and refining to make sure the car is fully optimised at all times. If you don’t, you risk falling behind and losing seconds off your lap time.

Customer Story: Brightside adopts a multi-cloud strategy for business innovation

In 2015, Brightside embarked on a digital transformation strategy to migrate from a predominantly on-premise IT environment to the cloud. The key outcome of this strategy was to create a more agile, more resilient and less capital-intensive infrastructure to better support Brightside’s distributed international operations, including a back-office team in the Philippines.

Working with Interactive as their Cloud and Managed Services partner, Brightside has transitioned the majority of their workloads to either Public or Private Cloud services.

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