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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Assessment Services

The recent NOTPETYA, Goldeneye and WannaCry attacks are a reminder of how important cyber security is as a business-wide issue.

To safeguard critical data and systems from attackers, organisations need to identify vulnerabilities across their networks, and work with urgency to protect their environment, end users, customers and their reputation.

Typically cyber security test providers will only perform a vulnerability scan when penetration testing. At Interactive, our certified and experienced engineers perform full attack simulation scenarios so you can rest assured your systems are being robustly assessed and you’re not at risk of being exposed to regulatory non-compliance issues.

We offer internal and external penetration testing to identify vulnerable entry points that can enable unauthorised access to your corporate environment, including your wireless network.

Our team also offer testing of website applications to identify vulnerabilities within the web application layer that firewalls and IDS may provide little to no protection against.

If you want to mitigate cyber security threats to your business, contact us to find out if you qualify for a 30-minute free consultancy session. 

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