CMS Cyber Security

30 years of expertise means we know the ins and outs

Be Prepared - Proactively identify risks
Manage Risk - Improve your overall security posture
Assurance of Effectiveness - best-in-class attack simulation
Actionable reporting - Specific recommendations for your business

What We Offer

Security Posture Assessment

Measures the effectiveness and identifies any gaps in your current security controls. Tailored testing protocols mean your specific requirements are met.

Web Application Testing

Find vulnerabilities hidden in web applications. Assurance of best in best-in-class tools that simulate real-world attacks.

Wireless Network Audit

Diagnose unsanctioned, rogue or misconfigured wireless access points.

External Penetration Testing

Isolate attack points that can be leveraged from the internet to gain access to your network.

Internal Penetration Testing

Prevent exploitation of entry points by disgruntled or careless employees with legitimate access to your environment.

Social Engineering Testing

Find the weak links in your human network and develop programs to address them. 

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