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What is a Data Centre?

What is a Data Centre & What Services are Available

What is a data centre? A data centre (or data center) is a physical facility used to store computer systems, the associated networking hardware, and power supplies for ongoing operation and protection.

For over 20 years, Interactive has owned and operated data centres across Australia. Offering various storage services for your organisation’s equipment, we have flexible solutions and scalable power to suit almost any requirement. By providing the optimal environment for your equipment (power, cooling, networking, access to highly skilled engineers), our data centres are well-suited for critical data – especially in combination with our business continuity services.

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What is Data Centre Management?

Data centre management is the leasing of infrastructure, from a third party such as Interactive, for an organisation’s necessary computing environment to function. Infrastructure management typically consists of 3 components:

  1. Processing: the running of applications, supplied by servers, for the ongoing operation of the organisation or business
  2. Storage: which can include the primary and/or backup storage of all business data
  3. Networking & Connectivity: for the intrusion protection and safeguarding of data required to support applications, storage, and communications across a business

In regards to what does a data centre do; Simplistically, they transport data between internal servers and external environments for the delivery of protected information and the ongoing operation of various computing applications.

Our data centre services are flexible to your needs. We can design, operate and support your internal data centre or server room (with data centre care), or we can manage everything at our data centres – all along the East Coast of Australia such as our data centre in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

What is the Difference Between Data Centre and Cloud?

The difference is that a data centre is a physical facility, with hardware, while cloud is a virtual facility with data and applications that are hosted by cloud services providers – such as Microsoft Azure managed cloud services.

The benefits of cloud data centres include:

  • Setup Efficiency: resources can be deployed quickly and at scale compared to physical facilities
  • Reduced Costs: pay via an as-needed or subscription model compared to making an up-front investment in physical hardware
  • Global Accessibility: major cloud providers allow for access across multiple regions and continents compared to the physical setup of data centres in new locations

However, there is now another alternative being EdgeRank as a Service. Offering a data centre in a box, this technology no longer requires the need for a dedicated server room. Learn more about the features and computing capabilities by downloading the EdgeRank Data Sheet.

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