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Third Party Hardware Maintenance

About Us: Third Party Hardware Maintenance

By moving your businesses maintenance agreements from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to third party hardware maintenance providers, you can reduce costs, receive a higher quality of service, reduce downtime and improve your operational efficiency.

As Australia’s largest provider of third party hardware maintenance, Interactive support over 2,500 customers across 25,000 locations with 300,000 supported devices and a 100% parts availability guarantee. Supporting critical IT systems for over 30 years, we have the most extensive network of highly skilled engineers and best customer service record.

Why Get Third Party Hardware Support


The main reason for getting third party hardware support is to maximise your equipment’s operational life and return on IT investment. By extending the operational life (or end-of-service-life / EOSL) of hardware, you can reduce the turnover rate of devices and improve the return-on-investment.

Other reasons to employ 3rd party hardware maintenance include:

  • Minimise downtime, if a part of your IT infrastructure fails, with a rapid response and replacement part – instead of potentially waiting days for a response from your OEM
  • Single point of contact for your multi-vendor hardware, whether its Cisco, IBM, HPE, Dell EMC, or another, therefore streamlining your communications and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Cost efficiencies with maintenance services often costing much less than OEM plans while also reducing the amount of waste infrastructure with intimate knowledge of your business’ IT system

We support networks, servers, storage and more across a range of brands, models and devices. Search our device list for your equipment or contact us to hear what else we support.

Our Success as a Third Party Hardware Maintenance Provider


Partnering with Cabrini Health, we now provide maintenance support for their Cisco equipment, 80 HP servers and all printers. Meeting our SLA with a 2-hour on-site response time, by a dedicated engineer, and a 100% parts availability guarantee, we have helped Cabrini minimise their downtime while also reducing previous IT costs by up to 20%.

Adapting to the robustness of the Toyota Financial Services IT systems, we continue to guarantee parts availability and a quick response time. By supporting their HP server and Cisco equipment across their national network, we have helped increase their IT system availability and reduce downtime and operating costs.

Read more of our Hardware Maintenance Case Studies to see how we’ve improved the operational efficiency of other customers.

Talk a Hardware Expert About Your Needs


Get expert advice from a hardware maintenance specialist by talking to our team today. We can work with you to create custom and flexible solutions to meet your business needs.